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    Chasing women decreases as you grow old

    Am not sure about all you homos, but for me I decided to be purchasing milk if all I need from the cow is milk. I think I'll get a cow once I get ready, for now am only chasing success
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    After sex pill

    Asante sana. How much would that cost
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    After sex pill

    Jana USIKU I dished a girl I met two days ago, first shot cd nilivaa, but after kuamsha mara ya pili, nikakula hivo. Am not blaming alcohol, but i was tipsy. To be on safe side, ni dawa gani mtu hununua to prevent HIV/AIDS?
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    Hiding Small GPS Trackers Inside Your TV & Other Household Items

    Ngima nene ngombe nene, privacy?
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    When radio edit was outdone by live performance

    One reason why reggae will alway be the greatest. They do live recordings . So is Mugithi.
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    1400 what Uganda Shillings?
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    Explicit Relax Inn

    Relax INN is a cheap brothel with old drug addict and smelly toilet. I'd rather jerk off all day
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    Wazee wa Murang'a versus the Wazees from the rest of the Kikuyu nation

    Lies, those buildings are owned by MURANG'A, EMBU, NYERI wazee saccos. What am sure is Kiambu own some, but individually . Jaluo own nothing but Mercedes benzes and ego
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    blue pill movies

    Asande sana. This will be my new quote when Morons questions my life. Anyways recommend those red pill movies ASAP
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    Kieleweke Mtaacha za Ovyo. Hamna Ata Adabu!!!!

    That is for sure, but as you all know, about ruling, no man wants to be ruled by a WOMAN
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    18+ Something for the Juveniles

    Tamu kama sunguch. I'd terminate my sacco membership to f**k thiz
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    Kieleweke Mtaacha za Ovyo. Hamna Ata Adabu!!!!

    This is why WE as mt.Kenya wanted Peter Kenneth, we know that is a fact
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    skinny guys are repulsive to women

    I am 5'9 25-30 years
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    skinny guys are repulsive to women

    Old enough bitch
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    skinny guys are repulsive to women

    Am skinny guy, about 65-67 kg, And I can't be able to count the number of women who fucked me for that. You'll fat men do not perform in bed at all