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    Viable Businesses You Can Run while on 8-5 job ya muhindi

    This is what has destroyed the online marketplace. Online vending has to be a full time job. Has to be. Any other way and vendors start to cut corners to fulfill orders if they're ever fulfilled. You post an X brand of black earphones with photos lifted from the Amazon, but you send someone...
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    Nissan Bluebird Slyphy 2015 or Honda fit 2015

    Juu hybrid haiendeshwi na batteries pekee. Basics.
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    Nissan Bluebird Slyphy 2015 or Honda fit 2015

    Honda fit 2015 (new model) approx 850-950K? Wapi?
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    WaTurkana kiburi itabidi iishe. Lodwar about to become a ghost town.

    Turkanas: "Mchanga yetu!" Fate: "Shut the f**k up!"
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    Online buying Scams (with delivery)

    Prove it.
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    Baghdad greenzone attacked

    Mazee the ignorance in this thread is the type used to justify why black people are taken to be naturally stupid.
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    Kamenuka-msito amejibu uchokozi

    Like most of your assumptions and those of people like you, you're are irredeemably wrong. I'm sure given a world map you wouldn't point out where Iran is.
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    Faimba sim card

    Nilianza na Nokia 2, kisha nikaenda Nokia 6, kisha nikaenda mi-fi, saa hii niko na Tecno Camon 11, and I never had speeds even close to a quarter of that. Haiwezi kua ati gadget zangu zote zimekua na kasoro.
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    Faimba sim card

    Faiba ni meffi. SIM card yangu nitupa kwa nyasi kando ya barabara ndo nisiwahi ipata. Indicates "4G" but speeds are slower than edge. Status za WhatsApp huchukua a minute kuonyesha. Na saa hizo ni picha. Hata video usiongee...
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    Africa in 1492

    Did you know that if you worked from the time Vasco da Gama landed in East Africa in 1492 until today in 2019 while earning Sh5,000 every day you still wouldn't have made a billion shillings? (I stole that from a Facebook post)
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    Another beta male bites the dust

    ... conveniently since dead men tell no tales.
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    Alibaba Shipping

    Bora tu si Nyang'au zinaitwa Kesom Freight. Hio itangoja hadi Yesu arudi na ati unakuja na ndege. Na wako na excuse za kifala sana. Mara kuna fracas HongKong, ati mara mzigo ilipita Dubai na walikua na holiday. And this is for the third time wanakalisha mzigo yangu. After hii ya hii roundi...
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    female perspective

    Including nyanyako, mamako, dadako, binti yako, etc. Kindly think things through before uttering nonsense.
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    Jubilee Development - Commissioning of Last Mile Rural electrification project in Gilgil, Nakuru County

    Where in Gilgil? Because not 2 months have passed since Kenya Power told me that Last Mile project is over and I'll be charged sh.70,000 per pole to bring electricity to mzee's compound. Last pole is less than 400m away.