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    BREAKING: Box Head Itumbi In DCI Dragnet...

    Hahaha, Mayai imetoa wapi satellite?
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    Nyerere..... He managed to isolate them from the rest of the world with Swahili only policy. Most of the world does not understand what's happening in the world while majority of the locals can not understand what's happening outside their borders aside from what is being translated by state...
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    2 Hot Slaps na Wife!

    Dawa ya violence ni violence ama kuondokea.... You can't just ignore it, because violence begets violence and there will be a next time.
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    Digi And Rexxsimba Being Sought For Catfishing Angelica....

    This story doesn't add up! $250000...... Unaomba fare na uko na Benz kwa parking
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    Baba #The5th storms Meru - hasla crying in the toilet

    This is Ruto's main undoing and it will cost him the presidency. Wameru out, a sizeable portion of Gema, sizeable portion of Mulembe..... Heri angechagua Musalia
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    Ruto's Tribal factor vs Raila's gender factor

    Ruto and Rigathi are a big no for me. Heri angepea Mudavadi
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    Ruto's Tribal factor vs Raila's gender factor

    In total agreement. Kindiki was a better deal. Hata kama tunachukia Uhuru na Mzee, sio hivyo tena.
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    Origin of Githurai 45

    Sawa sawa Wazee vijana
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    Africoons gloat over Ohulu plantation.

    Hii ni Kenya gani wanaongelea?
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    @meria muti wacha hio upus yako

    This site's management is pro RAO na Senate is Pro JSKS.. Sisi watu was Kigame are orphans
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    Poland cuts Russian oil imports - Will completely wean by Dec 2022

    They're now paying for the gas in roubles and Putin can still cut them off any time he feels that they are not jumping as fast as he wants
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    A friend has been FRAMED for sexual harrasment

    His goose is cooked. Violence at the work place is enough grounds for summary dismissal. He's better off putting his resignation before getting the sack
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    Firefox Getting Killed. Too Many reCAPTCHA tests When Using Firefox

    Having the same nasty experience with Firefox, more so when I am using a VPN
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    Wazungu Wachinjane Kabisa. Beautiful Pictures From Ukraine. It's A Win For The World.

    My point exactly! Mzungus thought they were immune to violence, now it's right at their doorstep.
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    By the way, I hit 50,000 likes yesterday. Here's a screenshot.

    Congrats... If you spent an average of one minute on each message... Over 1 month in how many years