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    18+ Cheptoek Boyo

    I can imagine ... :D:D:D
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    18+ Njoki

    Grow a Pair and hunt your own Meat .. :D:D
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    18+ Cheptoek Boyo

    Side Dish of Felix Odiwuor AKA Jalango ... :D:D:D
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    Craziest Lanye Stories

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    18+ Avoid Beans

    Flatulence is a common occurrence after eating certain foodstuffs ... With You , on the other hand .... The problem is Verbal Diarrhea .... :D:D
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    18+ Aftermath

    Are You in need of One ... ????
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    18+ Dr Cynthia Hassan 24

    Just Chilling ... :D:D:D
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    18+ Dr Cynthia Hassan 24

    The Sweet Doctor reporting for Duty ... :D:D:D
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    18+ Bald

    Is No Hair a Turn Off for You ... ??? :D:D:D
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    18+ Uchawi

    Where I come from , that is considered as a form of witchcraft ... :D:D:D
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    Let's appreciate each other

    Kindly stop casting all sorts of aspersions on this Fine Lady ... We all know that Deep Down Inside Her , there is a heart of Gold ... :D:D:D
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    Hii Kitu Huuma Mukamba

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    Anti-Corn MP chased like a mburukenge

    The Sugoi Thief-in-Chief will nominate him to Parliament ... He loves surrounding himself with "Yes men" and errand boys ... :D:D:D
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    18+ Avoid Beans

    Kindly avoid eating Beans before going on a hot date .... :D:D:D
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    highschool majuu

    This might interest you ...:D:D:D