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    Hand Sanitizer

    Mimi nabeba konyagi ikiwa sanitizer
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    Uneasy relationship with my old man

    Well said...watu waache pang'ang'a mob...some of us just wish we had a dad to talk to and relate with. However useless
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    Teetoteler regrets

    How old r u...shienz
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    Well done Pamba, Sande sana

    Hiyo maua sitaki kabisa hata ikuje na ndege
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    Well done Pamba, Sande sana

    Mmhh today a faga almost took me to the courts for over lapping at donholm to Lunga lunga... seriously I was from a dual lane to a single lane. Anyway this is Kenya RIP my 2k
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    Explicit I.have questions

    Kwanza what is 'alterial' motives
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    SLEEPER BUSES, (how to beat SGR)

    Can I sleep with my kunguru on the same bed?
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    tech savvy theft

    Kiulizo tu... comprehensive insurance ni ya nini?
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    feminism on steroids

    It's a known fact that women were the cause of all the miseries WE men go through...and am not complaining.
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    Hustler changes tact

    I beg to disagree with u...f**k u
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    Guilty Conscience

    I sniff beta...ama wacha tu
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    Buying a phone

    Try Huawei range of phones
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    Can't rise to the occassion

    At thate fae and u still got feelings for kung'urus...laaawwd nah
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    VVTi Engine .

    How much have u spent now on engine repairs? Do the maths...told u to get a new engine ata Kama ni slim. Av been there and experienced all u av gone through. Changed my engine and its tip top. Did an average of 16.5km/ltr from Nairobi to kilifi. That's a 1800cc vvti