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    Import Alcohol

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    Finally, Madaraka Slow.

    Weka bhang chini umalize ku type.
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    WANTED: Jane Wanjiku Boro

    Moral of the story: Chunga ma mboch wa Waithaka na wanavaa leg warmers
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    decent rooms (hideouts) in town?

    Na hidden cameras.
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    Afrojiri SACCO

    Good morning. Weki njema.
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    Nduthi Tracking......

    I Will share a pic of a tracker I have for nduthis once I get to the house. 15k ni rip off. Jipange na 3500/=
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    Jump starting alternative for a dead battery in an auto.

    Kama battery imepitisha warranty period. Nunua ingine. Na chunga Sana advice za jamaa waku recharge. Used to have a battery (ile ya kuwekwa maji) after going flat and attempts to recharge failed. Jamaa told me, wacha tumwage acid overnight the tuweke tena and recharge. It will be good as new...
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    Mr price kwani wamesota

    The store has been bought off. The incoming investor decided to sell off what Mr Price had at 75% discount. They will reopen in July under a new name.
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    When Insomnia strikes it strikes really good

    Kwani mtu huskia akingorota
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    Lunch time kutoa lock sacco

    Try out this hideout. Karibu na Inland Container Depot.
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    Wataalum wa magari (machanica)

    The next owner ndiyo atajua hajui. Am selling it off.
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    Mortein liquid electric mosquito repeller

    Tumia hii.
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    Wataalum wa magari (machanica)

    Yes. There was a oil leak on the turbo seals and was flowing back to the throttle causing it to choke. Cost me 12k to repair that turbo. YOM of the car 2003.
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    Wataalum wa magari (machanica)

    Hapo pa satisfaction naogopa.