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    MaDVD and Ruto alliance

    I am a Luhya. Mudavadi lost all of Western including his own Vihiga county and Sabatia constituecy to Raila when he ran for presidency in 2013. Is that the man Ruto is banking on as a running mate to deliver Western? I can't wait. Didn't Ruto at one time call him a habitual drunkard who drinks...
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    Radio garden app

    I only listen to radio kwa gari
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    Trust kiyuks at your own risk Ruto atajua hajui

    Raila knows that and Kikuyu votes are not anywhere near his game plan. So stop getting ulcers.
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    Uzee hula ujana wako

    Reminds me of the mzee who washes cars at my work place. Sometimes he sotas mpaka he comes begging for a 50 bob kama amekosa job. Always looking drunk. 2 months ago he told me he used to work in this same company. Couldn't get myself to ask what his story is.
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    Kikuyu Musician Jimmy Wa Euny Passes Away In Road Accident

    Musician was working for KRA? In what capacity?
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    Maasai wanalimana na Kipsigis mbaya .Warning ngori images

    It is said a willing Kipsigis sellers sold a cow to a willing Maasai man. He then changed the script Ati ng’ombe imeibiwa so Kipsigis searched wakaipata kwa boma ya Maasai. And then these Kales, the women wail all night ni kama wamevamiwa but in actual sense their men are out saa hizo...
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    Mbeta Meo amechoka kukaliwa na khupipi

    Well I have been married for 15 years.... I do not understand how a man can stay in a sexless marriage for 2 years.
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    Ruto has numbers in the Senate and other Hekayas za abunwasi. Where were they today?

    Yote tisa, kumi ni kwamba a parliamentary system would be disastrous for Kenya if today's senate goings-on are anything to go by.
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    My Prediction: Senator Kindiki May Not Be Dethroned

    7 Nos. What happened to "We have members in both senate and national assembly?
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    Tuskys going the Nakumatt route at speed ya Mach 5

    I lost respect for Tuskys the day I watched on TV the entitled spoilt brats in the name of grandchildren stormed the offices and ejected the CEO. That just shows you how kienyeji style the company is run.
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    It's payback For Ruto, Just Like He Stirred Jubilee's Nominations in 2017

    Uhuru is quite hands off, a reluctant politician. In a party nomination, he’d rather sit back sipping his beer and let wananchi have their way. Ruto is very smart and aggressive, that’s why he influenced Jubilee nominations in 2017 to get his allies in preparation for 2022. This is Rutos...
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    Kimeumana... Kenya na Tanzania

    Why does Uhuru always suck up to TZ? Is it coz of Brookside business? Is it because of a few companies kina KCB and Equity being in TZ? Majamaa wanashika ngombe za Maasai grazing on their side wanapiga mnada and nothing happens. Their tour vans can access our parks but Kenyan tour vans must hand...
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    Two girls. Advice

    As a man married for over 15 years, I had given my opinion jana saying the 20 year old is too young to be judged. This evening, out of boredom and a few cold tuskers later, I read this post to my wife and asked her for her opinion. Here is what she said " This guy clearly wants the 20 year old...
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    Two girls. Advice

    A 20 year old is a very young and naive girl for you to judge her personality. When she hits 28 and has some exposure and income, you’ll be wondering it she is the same person.
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    Best Movies to watch

    Am I the only one who found Joker so boring?