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    Nigeria-Israeli attempt to kidnap Umaru Dikko in London and deliver him to Lagos in a diplomatic bag

    Sitting on it ain't a problem with me coz in a day one can read a bunch of articles. My Q is, why would he think we care that he read it? " What a fuckin bitch!! " *with McGregor's voice*
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    Getting a movie title

    Was the "cool" guy a lecturer? and the look alike some kind of celeb? With the descirption at the end, am not so sure if its this one but if its so, maybe its Jake Gyllenhaal's movie Enemy (2013). I watched it and it ain't pretty bad. Check this trailer and see whether it relates.
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    Mortal Kombat X

    Lol. So if someone plays a game with cheats, whats your problem? Unless you are training for a tournament like the annual ESL pro leagues that can give you a half a milli dollars cash prize or so, then why give two fucks if someone else uses it? I recall the one time I used cheats was when I was...
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    All Eyez On Me

    Lakini sahii umepayuka :D:D:D. Anywayz, have a blast.
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    All Eyez On Me

    .rem? just try .jpg
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    TBT: TV commercials Edition

    Na ile ya KCB? I loved the tune they used in their ad. Pia kuna advert moja nakumbuka tu vida. Sikumbuki ngoma wala product ilikuwa ina advertisiwa. Vida ilikuwa ya Elephant na mtoi wake.
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    The BMW isiolo run.

    Sasa juu ni article ya bima, nina swali. Mbona hii model haiko Kenya?
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    Transfer Rumors za EPL

    Who is this?
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    Underrated 2000s movies

    Wazi wanakijiji. I have not watched most of them on the list. Bookmarked.
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    Champions League Final

    Congrats to Madrid. Was supporting Juve but they were outclassed by the best team in Europe ever. Mimi kama mtu wa United, I would nefa had a problem with Ronaldo winning the cup again and silencing his haters. Kwanza najua si watu wa Juve wamelia sana leo.
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    Explicit Subsidised BY GoK

    Hii niliona leo.
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    Yaani hizi NG'OMBE after kuchukua ligi zildhani game ya FA wana cheza kwa PS4? Sa Arsenane wana kitu ya kupigia kelele hii season. :mad:.
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    I remember some analyst made a comment out of it and I think Jose did a brilliant thing by making this move. With the high talk of a possible De Gea exit, giving Romero this task not only builds him in experience and skills, but also gives him confident that United can use him as their main if...
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    High Friday

    Neither. The sun doesn't move. :D