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    could he be my son

    i wasnt seeking sympathy
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    could he be my son

    Kuna siku dem alikataa kunipanulia but alikuwa mlevi sana, I was so horny, she fell asleep on the sofa, I simply raised the dress, removed the panty nikamtomba shots mbili, after that nikamvalisha suruali vizuri nikamfunika, she never realized what I had done to her. Juzi was walking aimlessly...
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    advice to beautiful women

    Beautiful women should not look for jobs, they should just sell their vaginas. At Sabina Joy, a shot goes for 500, assuming you get 10 men to f**k you in a day, that will be like 5K, if you multiply that with 30 days, it totals to a cool 150,000 a month. Alafu mnasema hakuna kazi, kazi achia...
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    Back in the days, I dated a whore who used to work as a waitress at a certain restaurant. One day Mr and her went on a nyama choma eating spree, we were served and ate to our fill. After that, I noticed my whore wiping the table, then collected plates to dispatch them to the kitchen, I asked her...
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    #tbt Each family has a notorious kid and in mine i was that kid.I could actually bully my twin bro whenever i got a chance even when i knew well my mom will give me proper ones in the evening ati 'nilichapa mtoto'.Mtoto mgani surely? We are agemates for Pete's sake and if anything he is a boy he...
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    teaser post

    @Saintonthebeathoe is back with new hekaya its about my daughter,she was kidnapped by her mother but thank jah nmempata.....
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    Theory behind kurudisha mkono 2022. Long deek alert.

    uwes wewe ni fala,mkundu firimbi...shoga la kawaida
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    Nataka Link or Pdf ya Miguna Miguna book
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    ujinga tu

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    ujinga tu

    Leo lazma pia nyinyi machali mtatii ata sisi hatupendi kuamshwa ujinga.. Ati ww amka nikudinye... Zih manze hio ni bladah, amka saa kumi saa ya morning glory... Kama dem alikua amevaa nyt dress mtoe pole pole... Usimuite atadhani anaota.. Then shika boobs slowly slowly... Shika nipple alafu...
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    Baba @Panafric

    fake mkundu shithole and hotbed of fake news
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    Miguna Arrested

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    wewe ata opinion zako huwa hazinisimbui akili
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    blessings si kukua na doo ama mali......i believe im blessed coz i ave something to live for.......thats nuff blessing for me