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    Tomorrow's announcement

    Another 14 days. Mpate adabu
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    Mugshots of the Minnesota Four made my day

    Mpaka macho ndogo Corona man alikua kwa mix
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    Hii curfew ya Jameson 1

    No need to waste money mass testing. Fungua economy tukanyangane, wakuenda waende.
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    This advert ni kama methali...alot of hidden meaning
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    Kq to resume flights on 8th..

    The looters are hungry with KQ grounded. Ndege lazima irudi kazini.
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    Curfew 8pm to 6am for Minnesota residents

    The plantation owner is back to his old ways
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    Bravest or dumbest thing by Magufuli

    They have looted
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    Bravest or dumbest thing by Magufuli

    Magofool has been right all along...otherwise why are countries reopening despite their cases going up..this thing is here to stay.
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    She Killed Her Son But Blamed "Black Men".... Another American Tragedy.

    I'm sure a few black men will be jailed on her behalf
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    How do you guys manage to save

    Mbona una save na rona inakubeba in a few months.
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    John Ineo Is God, Not A God!

    You mean Dog?
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    Dr Patrick Amoth Named WHO Executive Board Vice Chair

    WHO and China are fvcking
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    Corona virus scourge evidence in TZ.

    Most likely not from Rona...huyo mtu wa nduthi more probable was an accident. Huyu mwingine looks like a rough sleeper.
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    Corona virus scourge evidence in TZ.

    Inaitwa propaganda...if you were sick enough to collapse in the streets what were you doing taking a stroll or riding ard?