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    prices cheaper or more expensive than those that use fuel..
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    Back to school

    hahaha woi na kujifanya vle wanaeza katia anybody...their vibes will make u week ifike haraka...
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    Man rams range rover into seven cars

    hahaha myb amejenga south b
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    This is just too much!!!!

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    so true

    hahaha weh pato...hakuna uongo..
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    so true

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    Man rams range rover into seven cars

    what really happened..
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    Happy new year

    we all hope so...happy new year to you to..
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    Hakuna matata festival

    yap how comes huijui??
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    End of Year it is

    Davidee the only way u learn is thru mistakes
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    bamba or bomba digital receiver

    aiii is it really free ama u buy then after sometime ianze kuloose chanels...
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    This is the kind of man Njoki Chege wants come 2015

    1. To help me fix that bathroom bulb that is way up there, beyond my reach. 2. I need a man to bring me that nice herbal tea they serve at Java when I am battling a serious bout of flu. 3. To help me zip up my dress in the morning. It will save me the comical...
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    Hakuna matata festival

    the festival will be goin down this new years Naivasha..dont miss it!!
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    People do have money to waste!!

    Flamboyant Nairobi Senator, Mike Sonko, is a well known spend-thrift and this is evident in his flashy lifestyle. He is never afraid to flaunt his wealth in public and this has made him loved and hated in equal measure. And during Christmas, the flamboyant Senator decided to spoil himself with...