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    SGR Nairobi-Suswa Timetable and Fare

    At first, lunatic 'was a train to nowhere', until... Lemme wait n see.
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    KEBS, no more 2nd hand spare sparts

    Waiting for kenyans to manufacture own spare parts?..U wil wait til posterity. Kama mhindi is stil evolving with mahindra, tata et al n stil are not of enviable quality, wat of kenyans? Ile kitu tunajua ni kuharibu sio kutengeneza. Hiyo ni ndoto. Bad policies all the tym. Si watembelee kibaki...
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    Osheni macho before admin anitupe Siberia

    Send me those photos. Nilichelewa.
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    Huduma f*cker aka Huduma Smart Serve is now credit card : get the details

    With it, will they introduce cashless public commuter system? I.e cashless in matatus?
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    Towns on the east of Nairobi

    My old man hails from chinga. A very steep terrain. Land was unfairly subdivided. There is no access road to guka's home. One has to navigate through neighbour's farms to access the place. During rainy season u wud rather abstain. The land is so costly it beats logic. To construct a permanent...
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    Pinkies can you do this..????

    Kumbe mtu akizeeka anamea nywele kwa mabega?...
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    NTSA, Accidents, SGR et al

    All is good about keeping left until u join dual carriageway at kamandura. Woe unto u if its matatu's peak hrs. The mathrees overtake n stop right in front to pick n or drop passengers. They hv many undesignated n illegal 'stages' n i bet hautatoboa hiyo decline to nairobi with a loaded canter...
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    Kasarani Residents

    There was a building in ruaka that had cracks n was somehow sinking. Pple evacuated. The owner/ contractor was tryin to reinforce the weak columns n add more. Did they succeed?
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    Dryspell in Garrisa nkt!

    Until you find your way to another small island that is in the middle of nowhere nahuko mbele. Sijui pate.. Many villages; mtangawada, tchundwa, kizingitini et al. Huko dry spell is real.
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    True. Very dry ka
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    Navy seal dryfry artist/chaiman uncle uwes

    Ango uwes, nimeishi kuomba uniadd mpaka nimezeeka huku kijiji tu nikiomba... Pliz boss..
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    TBT: Pantyless Amani, Kaz Nudes, "Miss USIU" and others

    Niingizeni telegram and inbox me the pics.
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    Nasa will win, for sure!

    A case in point of opinion polls is kiambu.. Kabogo was indefatigable, but only in polls.
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    All that tym nilikuwa naivasha. Tension, .. Momentous happiness then shortly idps, curfew then kukalipuka. Sad days indeed!