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    Masturbation Effects

    Any relationship between kunyonga na premature white hair?
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    Huwa Unajiita Aje Pale Lojo

    Chunga. It is the same inventory/register that is used by DCI and their handmans to know your whereabouts. I repeat do not use your real name and ID no in those cheap logos, you automatically become a crime suspect during contact tracing (not for covid)
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    My Luo partner/wife of 2 years has refused to have sex

    This is very true especially kwa watu wa Western. There is a belief that when a lactating mother have sex with not the biological father to her kid, then the kid will start suffering/have strange diseases that no trained doctor can treat. This confirms that you are not the biological father to...
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    I have witnessed a similar situation where the wife claims she does not get any support from the husband in the face of inlaws (they sympathize and financially support the lady) but from the mpesa statements things are different (the husband has been sending money to the lady from Karura). Maybe...
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    You are old enough if you are 30 years old.

    I WOULD LIKE TO REMIND YOU OF YOUR AGE GROUP TODAY IN THIS YEAR 2021, LESS YOU FORGET YOUR LIFE PURPOSE. Year - Age *Overtime age* 1922 - 100 years 1923 - 99 years 1924 - 98 years 1925 - 97 years 1926 - 96 years 1927 - 95 years 1928 - 94 years 1929 - 93 years 1930 - 92 years...
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    One thing is certain, the current regime wants to completely kill the country, economy wise. This will make the presidential aspirants in 2022 think twice about the race as there will be nothing to govern
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    The latest con game in Kenya

    Ni kwa sababu ya permissions umepeana kwa those money lending apps and other apps from google play store
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    Sweet Karma

    Life is dynamic and not static. Remember, you still have a long way to live and tables might still change. You need to count your blessings and be thankful at the current position instead of looking down upon someone. I will challenge you to read says in one of its stanza...
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    Starting a family.

    First be comfortable feeding yourself (all basic needs included) before adding another mouth to feed even if they have their own source of income.
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    Kumwaga nje

    That is how I got my second born
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    List of feed is endless, fish, poultry, protein ratio in cattle. We need to think of a pheromone or parapheromone that can be used for their harvesting
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    Nairobi, I doubt zitafika unless Nairobi heats up and maintains temp of more than 28 degree Celsius. There is a reason they are called desert locust
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    tua tuaaa

    Hio ni ukweli. Mi Niko na phobia ya tua tuaaa kwa gari. When growing up niliambiwa inaletea gari swara...any talker with real experience?
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    Mango Worms: A Dogs Ordeal

    No safety gear (gloves)....wacha ikae
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    Nilikamua my cousin

    Wacha cousins. Some of us here tumekamua mpaka mbotch na haturingi. Kojoa ulale

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