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    How is this even possible?

    Seeing is believing. Post a picture or this is one of your wet dreams.
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    Ati dem ya Crazydude amefanya nini?

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    Allow me to vent

    Sometimes the counties are hiring. I will tell you that you cannot get a job in one without a connection. Either with the HR head or go through your MCA to make an arguement for you. This probably means parting with something. But it works 100%. Merely submitting an application will not do it.
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    Who else misses........

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    Electronics/Electricals Shop

    Do an inventory count every other day. We purchased 50 units , scanned 9 for sale in the register and have 32 in stock. Employees anza Kuongea.
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    Jacque Maribe's

    Sounds like a watchman with papers to handle a firearm. Better our D+ material. At least they understand the law ( and forensics). The dude worked in Dubai taking care of pet tigers in a cage.
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    Somebody said you can make a good living selling mitumba. Maybe one talker is in this hustle may point us in a direction. You don’t have to work in the corporate world to be successful. There’s many opportunities in Kenya to succeed.
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    Moving to Canada

    Don’t they allow you to work after you graduate. That should count towards the two years.
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    Moving to Canada

    I am not 100% sure. But if you complete a masters in Canada, they will path you to a permanent resident. Key is source funds for that 2 year study. Make sure you can pay for it before you leave. They may have some aid in form of reduced tuition for graduate students.
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    Blacks have lower IQ than other races

    Albert Einstein had average IQ. He was a B student all through school.
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    Moving to Canada

    What’s your education and what level?
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    Things fall apart in Uthamakistan

    There’s at least an uncomfortable unity between the two. Unlike before. No more lovey dovey - wearing matching shirts and ties.
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    Okiya Omutata Mpesa number

    Why cant Okiya open a non-profit and collect money legitimately and not rely on handouts. He does a really good job although some cases are not worth pursuing.
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    advise on P.A.Y.E

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    What Women Want