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    You only have 1 life to live.And you will never revisit. You might as well enjoy every last minute.
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    KDF najificha kwa nyasi during Manda Bay attack

    "Hidden agenda, cold war", you talk like those people from when prosecuted for fraud, claim that it is from"orders from above" that caught their hands in the cookie jar.
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    KDF najificha kwa nyasi during Manda Bay attack

    The Americans wouldnt know the terrain entirely. Could they fight, probably. But their edge is reduced .Not sure why they would entirely trust KDF.
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    Medics in Kenya out for profit and not saving lives

    But he has Insurance so he pays $20. And the insurance has a contract with the hospital. So they pay the hospital $300. No harm no foul.
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    Female Husbands/Sponsors kujeni muone haya

    But Divorce court will spilt things evenly. Even if everything is in your name.
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    WSR tonight on NTV

    Probably Ruto sent him a list of questions to ask.
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    In 2022 Kenyans let's do better

    You probably said the same thing in 2015.
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    How to collect extortion money from wahindis and rich businessmen. Skiza vizuri Nyakundi

    Problem is that police will always side with muhindi. A policeman will castrate your balls before he apprehends a muhindi.
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    Tanzania and Nigeria to be included in travel ban list

    "A senior Trump administration official said that countries that failed to comply with security requirements, including biometrics, information-sharing and counter-terrorism measures, faced the risk of limitations on U.S. immigration"...
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    KDF najificha kwa nyasi during Manda Bay attack

    A few years ago Uhuru Kenyatta was visiting the US. He had a meeting with a group of Kenyans hapo kwa town hall in NYC on one cold day. So after the meeting, happy to see Kenyans from all walks of life, he attempted to leave the podium to Salimia the Kenyans. He was immediately stopped by...
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    Explicit Madam wakili Corazon analipisha ngapi kupeana "private legal advice"

    Yes $5k . In dollars that is. You know the deal bro.
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    There’s one for kenyan women in diaspora.
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    Vision 2030

    There’s no money to fund anything. There never was. If you can’t build something tangible now, just point to a target arbitrary number. Works in psychology (reverse). 2030, 1 million jobs every year, All on electric grid by 2020, 5 international stadiums, 10 referral hospitals , etc etc...
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    Berringo Ya Katty

    Game for the privileged or a game that no one wants to play?
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    Wamevunja mguu ya mwizi mshiny eye banaa [Graphic] Lmfaoooo

    In Brazil they slice two fingers in each hand. Either with a knife or they shoot a bullet through the palm of your hand. And that’s a warning. Let them not catch you again.