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    Donald DumbFuck

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    Guka is Wrong

    Endemic poverty can be caused by a system (government) failure. This then results in generational poverty which is caused by culture.
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    Donald DumbFuck

    Inflation. Primary effect of devaluation of a currency to a local economy. Def: A devaluation is a decline in the country's standard of living. Traditionally, it is a tool used by a desperate government with a poor economic policy. Trump still up 2:0 China needs a different approach.
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    40 Kenyan governors and senators are expected to attend the much-publicised diaspora summit

    1st class air ticket to the US is not 200K my braza. Business starts at 650K. 1st class is north of 900K. One way.
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    China by Rail: I took the vid today

    Beijing proper. You can even see the smog in the background.
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    Francis Mburu mbirionea speaks out.

    Explain where he is a thief.
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    Deal or no deal

    Who would be the target audience of such a bs paper.
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    A sad photo

    Due diligence and prayer. These cons know that many people are conscious of performing all checks. So they find ways to beat them. As long as you have money in Kenya, everyone is out to scam you. All you have to say is that “ I m looking for......”. There’s 3 sellers already. And an agent.
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    Kindly assist here..

    Can you ask them to reprint you a cert?. I wonder what it will read.
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    Kuingia states

    Depends on your intent. If you intend to get an education and come back go as a student. If you are visiting friends and coming right back go as a tourist. If you intend to move permanently play the lotto. Drump men will give you a rude shock if you try to mix.
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    Throwback Thursday. Junk we used to eat

    Sukari nguru.
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    33years old with sh11.1billion!!!!

    He is a professional poker player. That may tell you something about his money management skills.
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    Kush yule Mnono