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    At what age should a child leave his /her parents and start an independent life???

    Very true. Rich kids cant replicate their parents wealth. They grew up in Karen, Kileleshwa, etc. But cant afford to live there. And cant survive in Buruburu. So they shack with their parents into their 40s and 50s.I know a few like this.
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    Is Ruto is fighting a lost battle?

    You are assuming that Gideon will run against WSR.
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    US President Donald Trump Plans to Reduce Aid Budget for Kenya

    I saw some fools here crying Obama didnt do anything for Kenya.
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    Alikataa Kumeza P2 Banaa!

    There is no law that forces a woman to take a pill. So the judge has no law to enforce on her. He cant hold her responsible. Its a choice to engage in unprotected sexual relations. Or sexual relations. The Court only looks at the DNA of the child. As long as its yours, it dont matter what...
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    Emotional attachments..

    Purchase the apartment in your name.
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    Stick to your lane, wachana na hawa madem wa up town.

    If you have a woman who needs some money and she perceives you have extra funds,at first, she will ask nicely. But if you keep shorting her, she will scheme for ways to get that money. This is with any woman. Even if its your wife. She doesnt have to tell you she needs money for pads. She will...
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    Stick to your lane, wachana na hawa madem wa up town.

    You are right but the truth is there is no man who can handle rejection from a woman he loves/loved. So its not necessarily weak or insecure men. Men love very deep.
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    Ruto's mistake

    2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 jan, feb, march...............Nov. Still Far.
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    Billionaires these are Ngara homes. Affordable Housing

    Not necessarily true. I have been to the units they built along Mombasa Road.. I have friends who live there They are very well built. Almost as good as apartments in Westlands and Kileleshwa. My only concern is the prices. Looks almost too good. Ngara is in downtown. Land prices are ridiculous...
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    Billionaires these are Ngara homes. Affordable Housing

    Interest rates are determined by the state of the economy. Not IMF.
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    As a man , love should flow, don't pump

    Si I told u up there sigwes ripa dowry. So I am not a conformist. So sad for Mugenda he stuck to the end and got his feelings caught. If the wife has deserted you, you have the right to look around. Fight fire with fire . But anyway don’t underestimate the power ( or lack of) of a withered...
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    As a man , love should flow, don't pump

    You won’t look fly in your 40s to people in their 20s. Think of grabbing the good woman as Insurance. You might need it, you might not. But when you do need it, it’s better to be treated at Nairobi hospital than Naivasha level 3. And, I didnt say marry the woman, I said keep her.
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    As a man , love should flow, don't pump

    Nyinyi wawili. Let me advice you something. Hata mimi I am anti-dowry. But you gotta have a woman. In your daily meandering, you will find a woman who is wife material. Keep her for good. The reason I say this is all the men who have played hardcore ati they will stay single to their death, when...
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    Kumbe ni malaya?

    The big question is what would she have told you after you were done. Ah.. " You owe me 5k?"
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    We're fucked

    True but the hangman is part of the monkeys. So change is required from the monkeys first.