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    1.6 Million fine for braiding hair!

    The problem wasn’t braiding hair. The problems is running an operation with unlicensed workers. That is always a problem. And she knew it was illegal. Braiding hair costs at least $200 per person. She could have paid the monthly $830 pretty easily.
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    Early morning police raid!.. kumbe neighbour ni herbalist?!.....

    I was wondering where the Mercedes was parked. But anyway I never knew people share attics. That is scary.
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    Tembea kenya.

    And it doesnt look very appealing.
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    Egesa Villa

    Mr. Muiruri?
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    Japanese cuisine for dinner

    Sushi is a Japanese dish of specially prepared vinegared rice (鮨飯 sushi-meshi), usually with some sugar and salt, combined with a variety of ingredients (ネタ neta), such as seafood (most commonly and often raw), vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits. It is often prepared with raw seafood...
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    Why former MP Abdikadir rejected Korea assignment

    When you take an ambassadorial position, you leave a lot behind. Everything is on stand still at home until you return. If you have businesses, it takes a lot to run them and they usually struggle. If you are close to the president, chances are your are receiving tenders left and right. I...
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    I don't mean to preach.: But Apparently it's "God's plan!. ".......

    So what is more important. Seeing your kids or feeling like a snitch. 1 year without seeing your kids is a very long time.
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    This is what average Chinese think of blacks marrying Chinese women.

    They say we all look the same.
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    Saturday mornings are the best for

    Woz wrong with that?
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    Another way of saying it...

    I wonder if you can compare their infant mortality rate and life expectancy with some of our African nations?
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    Big Boy League!

    Yeah and US citizens will be trying to copy the lives of Chinese movie stars and athletes.
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    Are these females getting desperate?

    Unawesa train mimi?
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    How did you cope with getting fired?

    Stay calm, rethink your life. Of course cut all your expenses. And tell him to walk with his chin up. If he hasnt succeeded in business, now is not the time to start, as stated above. But if he must , only engage 10-15% of all his resources max.
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    kuoa bila kujua

    @HENDRIXX . Bladi Packin.
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