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    This Guy William Ruto

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    Zangu zilikuwa legit, talk to me nicely nikuachie Moja ya esport.:D
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    Wee huyu Lebanese prime minister ati anaitwa Hassan Nani?
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    CBS Revives Person Of Interest

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    Ruto's wife

    So now a post from 2012 from alai confirms and Tanga Tanga niggers still think it's propaganda, lakini whatever is happening to that nigger he deserves every little bit of it, malipo ni hapa hapa and by the way RUTO will nefa efa be president.
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    What Ruto should have done? The miscalculation?

    My friend you are dreaming if you think ruto and gatheca are playing Rao, just listen to murathe, another thing is if jubilee won in 2013 and 2017 then why would Uhuru need raila?eti just because of 2022 my friend raila is in harambee house meeting cs's and you are still praying for a miracle...
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    My Prediction: Senator Kindiki May Not Be Dethroned

    Mkono imeanguka finally the fisis have it. Penda Sana hii.
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    Soft hearted Omanga small cries

    Ha hahahaha hata 150 ni mingi banae.
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    Wapi watu ya kumi fresh??? RWNEBP
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    Murathe alisema in the next 3 months Kuna watu watajua hawajui. and we are just in week one on a Wednesday of the shafting can't wait for what unfolds next I just can't wait.
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    Soft hearted Omanga small cries

    Penda Sana.
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    Wankers ,Nikita Kering is ready

    Tamu Kama sunguch, finger licking banae.
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    BREAKING NEWS On Moses Kuria!!!

    A lot of people will go missing before 2022 whether its politicians or otherwise, whether it's self kidnapping or otherwise, we are heading to a very strange election.
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    Nuthin Much , Let's Just Zoom in

    Mnigga uko na ufala Sana.