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    Kufa Dereva kufa makanga

    nangoja kuona watu wakidunda, sooo dissapointed
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    unclean and sweet
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    Tumia payoneer
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    Sh1 billion land fraud affirms Kenya is a ‘gangster’ nation

    Gangster Nation indeed :saitan:
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    Engine Displacement

    We hate Turbo Lag, in case you didn't know
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    Easiest way is google translate, check this out, thank me later
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    Chinese Hypersonic Jet

    first one looks like a di*ck though, hilarious
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    Chinese Hypersonic Jet

    Ill give the chinese one thing, they are truly adept at designing the ugliest of machines
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    Best decoder transmitting HD Quality

    Bado niko na Hp "curved" 15".Iyo huwa nawasha nikiskia nyumba imekua baridi kiasi.Cheap room heater
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    Snake blamed in missing 36M cash at examination council office.

    So the snake was cash strapped & had to do an Italian job, scratch that Naija job
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    Mercedes C230 2006

    700k max.Trust a brother
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    Index of Movies: 1080 Thank me later
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    Day Tulikamua banana tree

    Hapo umenimaliza
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    A new addition to the slay queen accessories - car eyelashes!

    Ugliest thing i have seen this year