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    Craziest Lanye Stories

    No I can't stop Won't stop
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    Craziest Lanye Stories

    By @Chiefguest I can relate. There was one kamba chick in Gill house massage parlor who used to serve me. We became so close till I had contracted her to provide service even outside Gill house. I used to. Milk her mercilessly at Sandton hotel after 10pm juu walikua wanafunga massage 9pm...
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    Fabrik Hotel

    Fafanua zaidi
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    open sprite homosexual advert on KTN Tv

    It's the best
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    Craziest Lanye Stories

    Makahaba ni shetani
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    Craziest Lanye Stories

    By @Demakuvu I feel your pain bro. Hata mimi nilishai kula coochie flani safi sana pale 3-Aden' (not sure of the spelling,) I used to go back there every now n then and look for the specific Khat chewing Hoe. Ikakua mazoea hadi at some point nilikua nafika naambiwa na the other Hoes, fatima ako...
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    Clean thy eyes

    I don't want to be @that guy but natambua kazi ya @Ssess pekee
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    Explicit Tuambiane ukweli

    Kuja nikuonyeshe
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    Explicit pornstar versions of yvonne okwara and carrie wahu

    Huyo wa chini anakaa Yvonne okwara kabisa I jerk off to her porn and pretend I'm screwing Yvonne okwara :(
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    Shitty western medias

    f**k the west
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    @Hmmmmm this thread is interesting
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    She got it from her mama:D
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    18+ she was thick kitambo

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    Craziest Lanye Stories

    Andika story bana