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    18+ Round 2 due to public demand

    So 1824 bado wanauza shisha? Kesho kwangu kunanuka kitunguu...
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    Hot Anita

    She knows there is always a loose nut somewhere in the society who'll get excited by this. The other day a ninja payed a mirra sijui two as dowry for a shoshorite
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    Between a Rock and a Hard place

    From my own understanding, you are behind all the chaos in your 'brothers' relationship and even the whole family knows or suspect it. That's why they think you can solve it. Your cousin knows she still wants you and the thought can't sink in his mind thus the violence. There is clear trust...
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    jimmy wanjigi

    Link ya interview please
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    empress is leaving

    They just elected Trump their president... Don't you think these are signs and symptoms?
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    I Lost My Girlfriend.

    Pole sana boss. I cant even imagine what u are going through
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    For Those Who Married Early

    As someone said in another thread, Charles Njonjo married at 52. His children are now adults and he's in his 90's. What works for u isn't necessarily for the others
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    Monique kabuye...

    U should meet Capital Fm's The Fuse presenter. Wanjira
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    The day I banged a wall

    @It's Le Scumbag so pia we ni alumni wa Kiheho?
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    Fisi law of attraction

    Ata maji chafu huzima moto. Depends with the level of need and availability. The law of fisiology states that Excess of supply will cause price to fall, and as price falls, producers are willing to dish out freely. However, if supply is low, fisis are ready to fire the base and cover the face...
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    We are just a lost generation where likes of Huddah n Verah are celebs and role models to young girls. It's even worse when their best program is Keeping up with the Kardashians n they no longer watch Gods must be crazy!!!
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    This is Not Treason............Let's Just Part!!!

    We dont hate each other but politicians divide us. A good example is 2002 when Kibaki came to power. Opposition politicians joined forces and we had one of the most peaceful elections in the world. 2007 was different when Narc split to different parties and we had the worst elections to date. We...
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    How a microwave and watermelon saved the day.

    Yaani u molested a melon?? No wonder we are having these floods!!! Even satan is bitter with u...
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    asking for a friend

    I am in such a mess. All I did is pack my things and left the home never to be seen again. I explained to them children should not get involved in parent matters especially marriage ones. It's now 3 years since I saw them and not planning anytime soon. It actually worked in a way coz they had to...