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    The MCA post has become a much-sought-after job In Kenya...

    We must be the most represented human beings on earth. I know an MCA who has been buying a brand new vehicle every term, plus tractors and other expensive machinery, yet he spends all his waking hours chasing women in Laikipia.
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    Kenyans live in a bubble, this is the real Kenya

    Just next to that river are some very huge trees. These people cannot use them to build a foot bridge, they would rather endanger their children's lives daily. Some Kenyans have a very stupid mentality.
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    I owned a vwfsi and those cars seemed to have a problem with the gearbox. My mechanic was kept busy changing this model's gearboxes.
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    This is why we really need change in this country

    What annoys me even more is the woman going ahead to give birth again. Now she just added another problem to in this country. She is not too hungry to open her legs.
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    F cliff ombeta

    Ni sawa, we will vote for Ruto. Everyone else is bad apart from Ruto. Ghaseer!
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    Tribal inclination at work

    When I was newly employed my employer sent me to a meeting with a client, a Christian NGO. The boss wasn't in but came later and found me talking to his assistant. From then on things went segemnege. In the boardroom the boss was so rude, almost calling me names. He did not even want to hear...
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    British media's portrayal of Kate Middleton vs Meghan Markle

    If I was driving I would look rather stupid trying to upstage a guy on a bicycle, we are world's apart. If the mzungu is too superior to me why keep trying to put me down further? Is there something they fear in the black race?
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    You're phone is listening

    Hehe. The other day I was discussing the complexities of ladies going to the loo while wearing those jumpsuits that seem to be all the rage these days. Next day my wife got a manual on how to do exactly that.
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    Kura Za Wa-Kalenjin (Debunking the myth)

    I don't see what Ruto will contribute as president that he couldn't as DP. If it is wrecking the economy Ruto has done more than his fair share. I am yet to understand how his chicken farm, his grabbed hotel and all other investments can enable him to be contributing Kshs. 5million every month...
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    Sam Shollei pulls a boss move after divorcing wife .PYT 30 years younger

    I thought so too, but what do I know?
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    Uhuru state house address

    And what would you say about the ujinga ya wale walivotia a dickhead like Baba Owino?
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    Mwangi Kiunjuri

    At least Kiunjuri will have enough time to visit K-Street hata mchana akitaka.
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    Highest IQ Ever recorded and what he does

    Including spewing tribal shit.
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    Uhuru state house address

    Most Laikipians, I included, would rather vote for a stray dog instead of Kiunjuri, but as you say, the spineless fool might be voted for since we voters suffer collective madness come election time.
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    EAPCC is pathetic.

    And we are seriously waiting eagerly for 2022 to vote in Ruto?! It's enough to make one lose hope in our country.