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    Breaking News. 2 Policemen Shot In Oakland. 1 Killed. Best News So Far!!!

    To be deemed peaceful you must be capable of great violence if you aren't you can't really call yourself peaceful, just harmless. For the police to realise this violence has to be employed until they dim fit enough the absence of violence means the people are peaceful and not just harmless. This...
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    18+ VAR

    This girl is obnoxious though, very annoying. Sura bila mwili na personality.
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    Proper wearing of face masks

    Touching the mask with your hands is practically touching your face with your hands hence defeating the whole fucking purpose of the mask Ngombe bonobo wewe na nikisema wewe ni single digit IQ una catch feelings Anyways follow what "The holy video" jas shown you to do.
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    Proper wearing of face masks

    Huwezi elewa with your single digit IQ ntajaribu to make a demo for you
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    Proper wearing of face masks

    You're not supposed to touch the mask with your hands at all. It's not rocket science,hold the mask by the strings, put it on and adjust by pulling the strings down or up. That's it.
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    15yrs of practice put to task!!!

    Not really. In the profession am in there are some specialties am not really familiar with but if am asked questions on them, I would be at least give the basics to whatever was asked.
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    Video shows Ahmaud Arbery loitering at construction site shortly before shooting

    I remember reading in an article the state the shooting happened in prohibits citizens from actively pursuing suspects on the run for the purpose of detaining them. Another important fact you need to know is you can't use self defence in a court of law if you were the first to instigate a...
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    Work experiences

    Thought this was an interesting thread kumbe ni kuma tu. My friend your brains is worth 30 bob in the black market.
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    Stingy men they eat your food and carry bones their dogs

    Makena you are a problem, a big problem.
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    Get Used To Poverty Now, Covid19 Will Linger For 2 Years Nonstop, You Wasted 57 Years Of Tranquility

    Corona will be around for a very long time. There's no eradicating it hence there's really no need to cripple an already struggling economy. Numerous viruses exist that are more deadly in the world such as Ebola, Influenza, Daengu ,Hantavirus and if the world decides to go on global lockdowns...
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    Hollywood Movies Are Overrated

    I believe it has to do with the reduced costs of producing a movie and wider net of promoting it through social media. Some years back for a movie to be considered for production it really had to be worth it, the plot,the writing everything was taken very seriously as failure meant huge...
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    Italy's Corona Virus Death Toll Exposed

    Corona virus has been hugely blown out proportions. A lot of shit has happened behind the curtains while everyone was focused on Corona virus and in lockdown.
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    Buruburu Car Fire

    Carbon monoxide poisoning using motor vehicle?
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    Book Piracy is Very Profitable

    Absolutely such bonobo practices continues to kill the African literature space. African writers produce marvellous work they get famous but remain poor. In the end the writer simply does not get the return on investment for both his time and labour and is forced to move to other industries...
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    She Cheated..

    Mwanamke hutombwa akili before atombwe mwili. Once a woman cheats it's over. Any man who even entertains the idea of cohabitating with a cheating woman is stupid beyond measure. The fact that you even share such nonsense for "advice " just shows how weak your spirit as a man is, move on and...