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    Lmfaooo Mungiki ilituma SMS pale JKL ikaambiwa ikae pale--->

    Midget Tiriki.Heard Tirikis sacrifice midgets when they are about 20 to stop the seed from spreading. Is that why you left?
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    Chamgei Leiye!

    Condoms are so cheap,our intelligence is over-rated.
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    What Uhuru is about to do next will shock Kenyans to their bones!!

    It's your local team yet you cannot spell its name correctly.
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    Building a pigsty

    u building a school?
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    Joke of the day.

    Haki @KaBuda uko funny.... :D:D
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    Gentlemen I need your advice.

    There is always the other side of the story,never jump to conclusions.
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    Joke of the day.

    :D:D:D:D,Haki @Ka-Buda umenimaliza :D:D:D.Was the woman from Botswana?
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    No wonder hii kijiji inanuka meffi leo,kwanza ya ofisa.
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    Of campus survival

    By utilizing that thing between your ears omera....
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    Living a life with a big spoon...

    Living a life with a big spoon...
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    Mbitika is back.

    We thank God for your release.How was it in there?
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    This is why I hate the US

    This is why I hate the US Why hate US?,we are just innocent villagers who met in this forum....
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    Twitter gems ......003 Mutua edition

    Anybody who cannot spell "staff",i take it with a pinch of salt.....
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    Ocha love!!

    @Panyaste ,you look naive in that photo.How old were you cucu scrabber?