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    Nissan bluebird sylphy 1998cc

    Aging and maintenance is everything for a car and it doesn't make sense to buy new one after every few years unless uko sawa mfuko, like Range rover is a rolling money pit. if you want day to day car use tafuta Toyota
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    Is she interested in betabux or alpha fucks? The indicators.

    Very true, ukipata dem kwa club alafu ukuje kuuliza wadau mbona anafuck na mabeste zako wote after kumpea kila kitu.
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    Arap Mashamba Decides To "Accept and Move On"....

    Anadhani hapa ni Facebook ama twitter, upuzi ya photo editing and running your own agenda haiwezi work huku. reported
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    18+ Kuleni Kwa machoo bongo booty

    I never understood people obsession with grossly fat overweight ass, there is nothing sweeter in this world than skinny normal size girl ridding you. All that matters is your chemistry during sex
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    Betachieths everywhere!

    a girl may like you but when you start to be emotional vitu zinaenda to complete turn-off, no matter how much you love a girl dont over show it, dont over text after every minute or over express your feelings. unless you are 14yrs old boy
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    Haki yetu Admin. KCr irudi!

    it's Adsense, Equity pays Google to advertise online, Google pays ktalk depending on views per page.
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    Texas church shooting.

    Hii hapa
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    How To Watch Free Premier League HD on your TV Without DSTV

    2,500 for DSTV only VS 2500 unlimited internet in the house, be serious bana.. I can watch any series i want online, movies, whatsapp youtube update apps download games and include all games in Premier League or any league.. list is endless no limits no Bundles
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    How To Watch Free Premier League HD on your TV Without DSTV

    if you have limited internet or you have slow wifi use still HD
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    How To Watch Free Premier League HD on your TV Without DSTV

    As long as you can deal with ads online you can watch anything you want for free
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    How To Watch Free Premier League HD on your TV Without DSTV

    DSTV is not even this clear and the worst of DSTV is the put big adverts and minimize the game after paying all that money for Super Sports 3
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    Steve Ogolla video emerges... Shenzi beta male

    Being Academic intelligent have nothing to do with life experience acha hizo pesa zikuliwe pia
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    Pedophiles on Ktalk

    until people understand this is a mental problem and no matter what we say or do these people can't just stop. Best we can do is lock them up and keep them away from our children but unfortunately, some are even fathers and defile their own kids
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    18+ High school girls in the village

    You must be mentally fucked-up to take advantage of children juu huwezi pata dem rika yako. This is a mental condition and cant change someone like this, either let everyone know and avoid them or jail the fucker for life.
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    18+ High school girls in the village

    In the USA they list all pedophiles for public notification purposes because this is a behavior those people can't stop. Remember NTV exposed the Mzungu who came to Kenya to start children's home to take advantage of poor children only to be discovered he was listed in the USA as a pedophile.