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    Safaricom fibre internet throttling.

    Yes and when i do speed test i get 40Mbps, i think they slow down sites with most traffic
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    JKUAT students charged with hacking bank, stealing millions

    Lesson learnt, NEVER Report system glitch to Companies, they will turn it against you
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    HEAVY TBT HITs ~Ready To Go - Tony Rebel Ft M. Griffins

    Good old Music, This brings me so much memories in the days
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    Safaricom home Router 3k per month

    ok, i was talking about the 4G+ Home Router, first time i went to look for it they were trying so hard to sell me the Dedicated Business that is 3,999/-
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    Safaricom home Router 3k per month

    I stream games alot all day They were trying to sell me this for Business. it's not this one and it cost 3,000 not 3999 and it does not require mapping to bts.
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    Safaricom home Router 3k per month

    i used to use Telkom home KSh 3,999/- for unlimited but when i bought it nikapata ni daily 6GB then your speed is capped to 1mbps. Ukimaliza 10GB same day your speed is slowed more to 512Kbps then you get disconnected if you finish another 10Gb. nikatupa hio shit and bought safaricom
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    Safaricom home Router 3k per month

    You all missed the point, it's wireless meaning you can move with the router anywhere with safaricom 4G and use it as much as you want with speed of 3Mbps. Safaricom 4G speed goes over 40Mbps and is stable meaning you will get the 3Mbps without any problem unlimited with no data cap or stupid...
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    SERATO DJ Lite

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    Web Developers Wa Kenya ni Very Lazy

    A majority yes, They are drag and drop developers with very wide knowledge on python and so-called hacking with terminals but they can't even link a database, MPESA API or Complete something without asking for Money first. When you pay them they think it will take a few days to drag and drop...
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    Need for Hacker.

    No one can, and even If I could hack Gmail and delete email or takeover, Google would pay me 10k USD or Ksh 1,013,956 for that vulnerability. So far in the whole world, no one has managed.
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    Why do people hate Nissan cars

    When I visit my father every time I have to leave him something so he can repair his Nissan car, most of the time is in the parking next to the house I ask him why, iliharibika suspension, nampea pesa inaundwa, next visit, iliharibika gear box, nalipa anapeleka.. sasa ni family yangu...
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    18+ Most men find my big butt irresistible, says kerubo

    i give up, take all the fat bitches it will lower demand and price for slim short sexy looking chiqs kwa markets.
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    18+ Most men find my big butt irresistible, says kerubo

    This is natural and much better than oversize zingine mnapost huku sjui nizanini
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    18+ Most men find my big butt irresistible, says kerubo

    Why would a women know what men want, personally I love normal size girl with natural booty that match their body
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    Man city inauwa nyoka

    Nabado second leg kwakina City, 10 - 0 Aggregate incoming

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