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    THE last white male northern rhino is dead

    Leta uhondo buda boss
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    Ni kubaya talkers

    The golden handshake of death
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    Wadau hapa vipi?

    Exactly, the breakdown
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    Jubilee Dev - Japan Kshs 9.53 Billion to rehabilitate Olkaria old plants

    Diesel generators keeps the cartels in the business at the expense of Wanjiku. Weird contracts that keeps the likes of akina Wanjigi fucking us bila lube. Iko shida
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    And these provinces have to pay allegiance to France.Bure kabisa
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    Weta Kicked Out

    Financial muscles brother is a big hindrance
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    THE last white male northern rhino is dead

    I salute
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    Loans now to be issued at 13.5% interest

    Thread hijacked. There is more than meets the eye. The IMF has given stringent conditions for raising interest rates.
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    Mai Mahiu-Suswa Rd...

    They aired the story Sir
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    Mai Mahiu-Suswa Rd...

    Githeri media have responded
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    Boinnet Boys

    Go slow may reign but Pamba told us graduates are minimal, just 3000 .So go slow might be not work. But with this exposure, their salaries might be adjusted.
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    Creeping Wahabism @ Jamhuri High

    Objective, kudos.
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    Mai Mahiu road

    I hadn't thought about Sgr
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    caught generating their own electricity in Homabay

    So cornering the market for too long means that we don't need alternatives cheaper power.
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    Ghost Town in Angola and soon in other African cities

    What was the land lease agreement. Elaborate