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    Mau Evictions

    We play politics with everything
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    Mau Evictions

    Cursed for real
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    Ethiopia is opening up for business - Safaricom to launch M-Pesa services

    They have to open their economic books and growth for scrutiny. Safaricom can't get there blindly
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    My experience working with the Chinese

    Quarry ya Signeta huko Kihio Mwiri iko na mawe mazuri
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    Auditor general -ouko on defence dept

    We are now the dumping ground
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    Kenya: The long route to economic prosperity

    They have said it well, government unfavourable policies
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    They are looking at the future
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    Jubilee Development : #Ndani³

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    Obama lecturing on democracy pale SA.

    Aende Kama anakauka
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    Uhuru's new Aide-de-camp from the navy

    Bona other presidents hawananga hawa watu, or if they are there, they don't keep standing behind the leaders
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    Good measures are really needed now
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    Obama and his bullshit

    Upuuusi wangesema tu wanataka (chai) pesa