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    Tanzania is the Most Peaceful Nation in East Africa - Report

    This is supposed to be news?
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    wrongful dismissal.

    You need to be sure that you qualify for the position you were holding ... otherwise you may end up wasting money and efforts on a futile case.
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    Makanga hajatoka ward kuongezwa supu

    Si nilidhani mid term iliisha yawa?
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    Mwanaume na usafi

    Haki hizi vidole zinaweza fikia G-spot.
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    He doused himself in petrol, set himself on fire and then shot himself. I saw him. I was there.
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    KPLC new paybill No:

    I used 888880 last evening and it worked fine. Not sure what the hullabaloo is all about. In +254, we have been f**cked so hard by everyone that we have become numb: KPLC, Arap Mashamba, County Governments (Why pay 300/- for a 20 mins parking?), Neighbours, ---! Atleast, KPLC is giving us...
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    Help here-How do you part with a pregnant woman?

    You are the first moron I have seen doing a masters degree. I hope it's in one of those mundane areas that even my grandma can handle. Elementary common sense should have told you your "high class" d!ck needed a sheath before being dipped in a "low class" puthy. Never spoil the life of a young...
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    Why I Will Never Stop Listening to Rock

    Nilikuwa natarajia matusi. Rock is not my type of music. Never liked it and probably never will.
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    Why I Will Never Stop Listening to Rock

    I have never heard a rock speaking. How do you listen to it?
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    Miguna Miguna Blocks Boni Khalwale

    At this rate, we will soon start getting updates on Miguna's bathroom visits!
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    Pay dilemma..

    Nipee link tafadhali. Sikuiona.
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    Pay dilemma..

    I have a friend who has landed a senior management position in an institution paying him 200k. He is currently a mid level manager earning 250k in another institution. Would you leave your higher paying junior job in favor of a bigger title with less pay?
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    Looking For A Sponsor!!

    :D:D 16k itaenda hivo tu!
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    It's good you didn't read. It's just a boy fantasizing.