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    Safaricom home fiber installation fee

    Uku nikubaya hakuna connections inatokea
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    Most viable biz for 650k

    Look for place where there is no fiber and talk to liquid telecom to supply you with the bandwidth and start reselling
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    Samsung A51 Vs Xiaomi k20

    I Am seeing a lot of them on jiji
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    Samsung A51 Vs Xiaomi k20

    Which one is the best I want to buy one of them
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    Fibre optic router

    Hio router ya safcom itafanya,ukitaja fika pale inbox
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    DStv launches 4K-capable Explora Ultra PVR I hope they also include inbuilt internet
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    Dodge Demon vs Lamborghini Aventador | Top Gear: Series 25

    Will you take Lamborghini or sti
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    ISP in Utawala

    I am planning to distribute fiber internet in utawala especially parts of kinca to kithunguri if you are interested inbox me
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    For you to open a saw mill you have to get a permit from somebody who already have it or you will wait for 10yrs for it to mature
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    Facebook pixel

    If you need a Facebook pixel contact me
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    I heard that they are using BMW engine
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    It's called creating a problem and offering a solution
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    Airtel unlimited internet

    Nani amewahi jaribu hii Airtel Unlimited for postpaid at 3500/=monthly Na kama data ni unlimited vile wanadai?
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    Ethernet over coaxial cables

    Shida ni ma router sina support hio coaxial
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    Safaricom home Router 3k per month

    only active is not shared but gpon is shared