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    Doyen ashampa Mutua Jibu lake

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    Xiaomi Mi 9t Phone

    I believe they are still in stock
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    Xiaomi Mi 9t Phone

    You can get it at, or avechi shop in pioneer house 4th floor, alternatively, you can get it at mi store located at Bihi towers...Bought mine at the latter store
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    Audiophiles kujeni kiasi

    The bass is very nice, they capture the beats of the music nicely including the surround effect
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    Audiophiles kujeni kiasi

    Nunua one plus bullets, wanauza 1800, you won't regret
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    Culture Shocks of moving from your home town or village to other places including outside Jamhuri...

    The sun rising at 12pm and setting at 3pm in Beijing, the rest of the day it's working in 'darkness'
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    Zote zitaanzakuwa dualled before the year ends, the poll is pointless
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    Kenya at the moment is a giant construction site

    Everyone in our country sees whatever they want to see, those who want to see progress and development, see progress and development; those who want to see poverty & regress, see poverty & regression; those who wish to see peace and stability, see peace & stability, those who wish to see doom...
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    huuma no

    Ni kama kuna kitu unajaribu kusema, lakini hakuna kitu umesema
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    FRESH COMEDY: Prophet Owuor Now "The Beholder Of The Golden Keys To Heaven"

    Did you watch the prophecies before or after the events?
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    Explicit Best urologist in town

    Prof. George Magoha, ako hapo hurlinghum
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    Men are Idiots, I finally agree

    Hii ni Fant-Ass
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    Of Kenyan Economy...

    Hapo kwa Kenya Power na East Africa Portland, it has nothing to do with the economy and operating business environment, hizo mbili ni basic theft imeziangusha