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    What can you do with ksh. 10,000?

    Enda hapo juakali muthurwa ununue mkokoteni ya 10k.unaeza kuwa una hire out per day ama ufanye biashara nayo mwenyewe.kuhamisha watu,kuuza maji,kuuza matunda,kuuzia nguo hapo etc.The returns are not that much but enough to help you survive as you figure out your future.
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    QB pro 2014-uk version

    wadau, natafuta qb pro 2014-uk version (crack)mtu anisaidie na link jameni
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    How Turkana Wind Power Land Was Acquired.

    You gotta love Ktalk,facts and counter facts.There is always another side to the story.
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    Apple products at Good Rates.

    Hiyo sura na jina peasant hawezi kupea pesa yake in the name of getting an apple.
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    Hobbies and Interests!

    Are there any ktalkers who have hobbies and interests that they actively pursue? Wengi wetu unapata any free time we get is spent on starehe tu(kukata maji na kusafisha rungu). If you look at most guys cvs you always find the common hobbies and interests like travelling and swimming.Ask them...
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    Mhindi aliwacha za ovyo

    Naona umeenda kutumia comp ya to end session manenos.
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    Demos in Migori in support of Obado... SMH

    Those are just hired youth.
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    inbox me i offer you a business proposition.
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    Limited Company Name

    Ideally Yes.A business name registration number starts with BN/.../..., while a limited company usually starts with a CPR/...../......Mine starts with BN.The KRA pin i have is one for a limited company that is why i want to make my company be 'limited'.
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    Limited Company Name

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    Limited Company Name

    I have a company which is registered under business name.I managed to get a company pin from KRA.The one which starts with P0............... The company doesn't have a e-citizen account as back then the platform hadn't been launched.I have been wanting to add 'Limited' to the company name...
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    Gov Lenku - Launch of Matasia's new Level 3 Hospital in Kajiado County

    Taj Mall has already been rebranded to Airgate Centre.Renovations are on going at the moment.
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    Lesbian colleagues assault student at moi girls

    Our society has sunk low to the point that we trade our souls to the highest bidder.Githeri media is good at sensationalizing stories without even investigating shit.Remember the lady who claimed that a certain hotel kicked her out for breastfeeding.The CCTV footage proved otherwise but the...
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    what about the George Soros,Chris Kirubi and Jimnah Mbaru of the financial markets who manipulate stocks to their advantage.Has there ever been a level playing field?
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    Business Banking

    Co-op pia me waliniangusha.Equity and KCB are good bets.