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    The spark for national anarchy

    Safaricom shelved the app due to it being counter productive to what they initially wanted it to achieve.
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    3M investment

    The irony of life is that people who be having serious business ideas lack the capital needed to implement them,case in point @Macharia wa kamau , Someone has 3m with no idea how to multiply it.Sad really when you look at how the universe works. At the the moment anyone dealing with basic...
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    Economic Stimulus Package

    The president in trying to jump start the economy this week gave a raft of measures and tax adjustments that are meant to give businesses and mwananchi cashflow. Can the experts in the house break it down so that we understand what moves an individual/business needs to make to take advantage of...
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    Tanzania under fire

    That human rights violation angle they are using is because of paul makonda's stand on g** rights
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    Business struggles been a hustler

    @Macharia wa kamau ,keep up the spirit.vijana wanafaa kuacha kungoja serikali kuwasaidia.
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    Viable business idea

    Wapi wale wa mkojo ya sungura?
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    Home Internet

    embakasi pande gani ?saidia na digits
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    VAT Returns

    The business model involves getting goods/services from small informal business owners who are not in the tax bracket.I then source for a market for the same then invoice customers using my company name and pin.I have output VAT from the invoices generated but i do not have input VAT i.e...
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    VAT Returns

    What about purchases?Declaring sales only means i lose out on VAT since i do not have any purchases which i can claim
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    VAT Returns

    I have a challenge regards monthly VAT for a business model am trying out.How does a business declare vatable sales given that it has no vatable purchases.The business income is a commission from the invoice charged to a client.Ni kama kuwa broker only in this way the invoice charged to the...
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    Kwa Njenga

    @ChifuMbitika ,hizi ni shida gani.isn't separation not an option?
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    Thought of the day

    Grim Ripper has already claimed 3 prominent personalities (bob,ken,laboso) & other faceless kenyans in the month of July.Politicians and other notables must be shitting themselves knowing that kenya's black month(August) is around the corner and death has been known to be on steroids during that...
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    Cyber cafe bussines

    As much as we might say cyber business is on its deathbed,visit densely populated areas in nairobi and you will reckon that cyber business still has a long way before it can be completely written off.Though we can say that profits are not that high anymore.Hizi maeneo za...
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    Just read kwa *** that KRA is planning to roll out this new tax invoice management system(TIMS) any time soon which will require a company ETR/ESD machine to be linked with KRA itax system and be updating on a daily basis. Talkers in the know kindly enlighten us who are in business mapema.We...