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    Sheesha pots up for grab 3k each

    Interested? Privately contact 0702058113.
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    Slay queen mwitu

    Sasa huyu msichana alikuja kwangu saa mbili akapata nanza kujipikia chapati, na kiherehere yake akapigia mabeshte wake wanne, wameshinda wakipiga picha na kula chapo zangu, wametoka tu saa hii(11.15 pm)
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    University Politics

    Good idea, I'm sure he'll give my marks a ride too
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    University Politics

    Now this "moral philosophy" lecturer gives different marks on the same duplicated piece of work.
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    Kondele police station

    Did you check the attachment?
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    Kondele police station

    The unethical bastards called the police do most of the killings, if the person in charge in your security is trying to send you six feet below, the least you can do is keep them away from you