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    Landlord that is reluctant to refund rent deposit.

    Buda, ni samak ya 1000 si samak 1000:D
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    Hustler vs Dynasty---- The truth

    This should be emblazoned on a billboard for kwa wafuasi wa "hustler."
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    Mike Sonko's Response to the President

    Sonko has wiped the floor with mlevi hapa. Still, if Kenyans actually voted on the basis of policy leaders like sonko, UK, WSR, and RAO would not even be elected to represent county assemblies. Jubilee party should have been dead on arrival, RAO should have been lucky to remain relevant, and...
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    Hakuna anayewakosea heshima. We mwenyewe nina hakika hutumii wheelbarrow kwako ama kwenu; we ni mtumwa tu, one of Arror's multitude of mouthpieces. Lakini nielezee jinsi wheelbarrow inaimairisha miundo misingi. How does having more wheelbarrows enable industrialization. Explain kama product wa...
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    Dude, are you equating wheelbarrows to industrialization and invention of the wheel? Are you suggesting (because you seriously can't be stating) that more wheelbarrows will spur Kenya's development? Elaborate
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    Na Huyu Mjamaa-Son murdered his whole family to avoid confessing about his double life

    The average Asian kid faces intense pressure to succeed, from an early age. Individual success/failure is tied to family honor/dishonor and value systems, and expectations imposed by all and sundry, including grandparents and extended relations. Death is preferred to shame
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    Dynasty, so what?

    Poor man's Goebbels
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    dynasty that can never fall

    That iron box is eternal
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    The Man Ruto

    Facts only
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    Help me understand how a roundabout is owned by individuals

    First time I've heard something like this. But this is KE
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    Bash ya mababi

    Poghisio looks lost as ***