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  1. Sakmadic

    Curfew 8pm to 6am for Minnesota residents

    The plantation owner is back to his old ways
  2. Sakmadic

    Bravest or dumbest thing by Magufuli

    They have looted
  3. Sakmadic

    Bravest or dumbest thing by Magufuli

    Magofool has been right all along...otherwise why are countries reopening despite their cases going up..this thing is here to stay.
  4. Sakmadic

    She Killed Her Son But Blamed "Black Men".... Another American Tragedy.

    I'm sure a few black men will be jailed on her behalf
  5. Sakmadic

    How do you guys manage to save

    Mbona una save na rona inakubeba in a few months.
  6. Sakmadic

    John Ineo Is God, Not A God!

    You mean Dog?
  7. Sakmadic

    Dr Patrick Amoth Named WHO Executive Board Vice Chair

    WHO and China are fvcking
  8. Sakmadic

    Corona virus scourge evidence in TZ.

    Most likely not from Rona...huyo mtu wa nduthi more probable was an accident. Huyu mwingine looks like a rough sleeper.
  9. Sakmadic

    Corona virus scourge evidence in TZ.

    Inaitwa propaganda...if you were sick enough to collapse in the streets what were you doing taking a stroll or riding ard?
  10. Sakmadic

    Raila to lead economic recovery in Uhuru deal

    Mganga 1 anatafutiwa state funeral.
  11. Sakmadic

    Is the government lying?

    When has the gvt never lied.
  12. Sakmadic

    Breaking news

    Hii curfew ikiisha hivyo the nxt week itakua referendum...kuna mlevi anatumia hii ugonjwa for political gains.
  13. Sakmadic

    Breaking news

    Mganga alitwambia referendum iko June...wacha tuone.
  14. Sakmadic

    Three bedroom house : rent 7k per month

    Sawa hamia huko
  15. Sakmadic

    Today Is D-Day. Do You Think Lockdowns Will End Or Will They Be Prolonged

    14 day curfew to continue then shule na kanisa zifunguliwe after that
  16. Sakmadic

    Latest from WHO

    Uhunye cant chair anything.
  17. Sakmadic

    A Courtesy Reminder

    Muratina 1 and his family have been eating since independence. Wanjohi and Arap Singh all belong to jail.
  18. Sakmadic

    Isaac Ruto Recycling

    Anataka to push arap mashamba to the wall so that he quits...halafu DCI amchangamkie.
  19. Sakmadic

    Best razor

    Invest in a good shaving cream or gel as well not just the razor...then follow shaving contours ...videos are many online sio kukata ndevu kama ni miwa unakata.