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  1. Niite Tu

    My Ghanaian Husband conned me

    Your hatred on men is on steroids, and that's too huge a burden to carry around. Talk to your inner self and relieve it please...
  2. Niite Tu

    18+ Nimekubali kusalimiana

    Ulipe punch hii pork?
  3. Niite Tu

    Nimekamua dame wa IT support

    Sawa mkubwa! Sasa hekaya iteremke
  4. Niite Tu

    Explicit Wema

    This can't be wema! Wajinga nyinyi
  5. Niite Tu

    Anyone selling AdSense a/c?

    Good luck
  6. Niite Tu

    Anyone selling AdSense a/c?

    Got you and thanks. Will apply and update
  7. Niite Tu

    London K- Talker "Comes Out" and Gets Chapad For Being Gey..

    I don't know why I've laughed at EyeCon's comment
  8. Niite Tu

    Anyone selling AdSense a/c?

    Omwami mimi si mshenzi saaana. Reason I "doubt" is the source of traffic. I have a page with 80k+ fans and that's where most visitors come from. The site is just 55 days old and so organic traffic is very negligible as you might expect. As you have pointed out, Google is known to turn down...
  9. Niite Tu

    Landwhles are not beautiful - compare

    When the money talks what's there to say!
  10. Niite Tu

    Explicit Nadia mukami has got matitis

    I was too wondering where these boys are getting 6. Ile ushamba iko hii kijiji
  11. Niite Tu

    18+ Mali safi ya doni

    Si mbaya kwa chipo funga. Otherwise usijaribu kueka ball. Hizi shida ndio zinamaliza umwami hapa
  12. Niite Tu

    3K-Lakini ametoa tint

    Haha @Omunyambi ujaambia kijana possible. Eti atumie nani ushago?
  13. Niite Tu

    Dryfry aka DF

    Leta hekaya ama uchue arimis unyonge monkey
  14. Niite Tu

    Ruto is too corrupt, he is unfit even for prison

    If these are people Ruto will depend on to sell his manifesto, if he has any, then he's doomed come 2022. Yaani uji imejaa ubongo hadi magoti. Nugu chieth takataka sewage!
  15. Niite Tu

    Anyone selling AdSense a/c?

    The approval process is the issue. Normally new sites (less than six months old) are not approved especially from Africa and Asia
  16. Niite Tu

    Anyone selling AdSense a/c?

    Can we talk via WhatsApp boss
  17. Niite Tu

    Anyone selling AdSense a/c?

    Okay. Will a new site with 3k visitors a day be approved?
  18. Niite Tu

    Anyone selling AdSense a/c?

    Nichanue boss. Can't the payment details be changed?
  19. Niite Tu

    18+ tulitombana mpaka nikapata muscle pull ya kodole, she's toshhh the emba chic.

    My game is strictly street approach @Bobaa Hii maneno ni ya vijana
  20. Niite Tu

    Anyone selling AdSense a/c?

    Anyone selling or can get me a new one? My site is new and will probably not be approved by Google