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    Trust kiyuks at your own risk Ruto atajua hajui

    Very true, Kukuyu voted the person that was most likely to deny Raila a win and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Hata Uhuru akasimama tena with Raila in his team hawezi pata hata MCA
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    Tanzania : desperate times call for desperate measures. Niliwaambia hawa wabongo wasipoliwa tigo na watalii wazungu hawana uchumi tena

    Magufuli is the best President Tanzanians will ever have. They deserve everything he gives them
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    Which Country would you rank as Kenya's best Neighbor ? (all round)

    Uganda takes it hands down. The people especially nyabos, the food, the nightlife and the green sorroundings are just too alluring. Unlike the lazy, hypocritical, envious Tzanians whose hate for anything Kenya is legendary
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    Isn't a business like Bonfire Adventures effectively dead ?

    Travel is dead. Would you board a plane given a fully paid ticket to Dar, Milan or Sao Paulo? Mjazwe kwa ndege breathing the same recycled air? Travel is dead
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    Act of God? Man survives certain death without a scratch.

    Or he was part of plot
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    Attention All Ktalkers- can I have your attention please

    Do you post to make people happy or share an opinion?
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    Death of Mainstream Media?

    No longer interested on watching parochial viewpoints and fake experts..... and who butchered who where. Just like I hardly read papers
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    The Most Useless Padlock- The Alarm PAdlock

    I meant the alarm is not armed..... Yangu ni ya kitu 2014, so alarm does not work. Though Ilikua na makelele za ovyo in the middle of the night when touched by anything including strong winds zikishake gate.... In few words it's a useless padlock
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    The Most Useless Padlock- The Alarm PAdlock

    Hahaha, I have it on a gate somewhere, though arming the alarm
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    This white woman is just pissed of why Africans allow themselves to be taken for fools by her fellow whites and Chinese

    Most of her points are valid and only a fool would ignore her message
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    Kwani USA are not learning?

    It would be interesting to get the actual number of all the infections in the country VS fatalities
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    Over 5k Ethiopians deported from UAE in cargo planes

    Might have been something else other than xenophobic, as they don't seem to attack the other blacks at the end of the clip....
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    Tanzanians are Dying En-mass like Roaches Coz of Covid-19

    Another month of curfew and controlled movement and Magufuli will seem like a genius
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    Lakini kusema tu ukweliiii, huyu mzee kwani alikua idle aje?

    Kuna watu wako kazi and you are busy calling them idlers
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    35 COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hrs TZ.

    Not likely to happen, Konyagi has milk to sell
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    You Need an Induction Cooker (Re-post)

    Thanks for the clarification. I will definitely look at them and power ratings
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    You Need an Induction Cooker (Re-post)

    Thought it was self powered or economical with power. So what are the benefits over common hotplates?