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    DPP NOORDIN HAJI orders the arrest of CS Henry Rotich, PS Kamau Thugge over the Arror and Kimwarer dam scandal.

    Treasury CS to be arrested and charged on the kimwarer and arror dam scandal.
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    Millitary aircraft crash in Germany

    The bundeswehr has confirmedthe crashing of two millitary eurofighter airplanes. One pilot has been found alive.
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    AMG members only

    Greetings , today's lesson is , Women are sexual objects to Men and Men are success objects to women.
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    Standard investment bank

    Greetings, I would like some feedback about this bank as I hope to transfer my share portfolio huko,any feedback is appreciated
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    Theresa May ,no confidence vote

    Conservative mps trigger a no confidence vote on Theresa May following failed vote on Tuesday.#colonizers fucked
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    House of Commons

    Wee ,nacheki huko Britain Theresa May akipelekwa mbio.Why are the MP s so bitter na huyo mamam
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    Eu leaders sign brezit agreement

    Sasa colonizers wapambane na hali yao ,global business Kama Toyota na Nissan anapanga ku pack and leave.
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    Hip pain

    Good morning wana Kijiji Mimi Niko na ka pain Fulani hapa hip na knee joint it pains nikitembea sana or run mawaidha matusi na ushauri are welcomed asante
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    Romantic love is a farce

    Salamu kwa wanakijiji,is romantic love a farce or what kama hypergamy is the rule of the game na sex domination is what men want is we just abolish hii marriage institution na tukuwe no polyamorous relationship.asante ni happy tu maoni ,matusi,na mafeeling will be appreciated.thank you