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  1. Rubeni

    Wapi naeza kula Nyama

    I have not eaten choma since bar zifungwe bana. Nairobi West naeza pata kanyama?
  2. Rubeni

    Sasa ona hii baluhya

    Mzee 67 years crying about 3rd wife kukulwa inje? I am told he's a prominent mzee in Bungoma and he even tried vying for governor.
  3. Rubeni

    New Panya routes in And out of Nairobi

    Kenyans never disappoint.
  4. Rubeni

    Kweli Sisi Waafrica ni bonobo

    Kwa Golf Course?
  5. Rubeni

    Importing car tyres

    Hi guys. I have been shopping around for my car tyres 265/70/R16. Does it make economic sense to import from UK? Naskia kuna walalo you can buy online and give their UK office as shipping address then they bring them to Eastleigh for you. Anyone knows them? Bei ya BF Goodrich All Terrain locally...
  6. Rubeni

    Digital TV aerial

    I am looking to get a modest digital or smart TV for my village house. Someone tells me that with the below aerial, I will get most channels for free. Wadau please advise. My interest is local news channels, the likes of NatGeoWild and some cartoon channels for the kids. The other option is...
  7. Rubeni

    KDF najificha kwa nyasi during Manda Bay attack

    What a shame... Americans have highly criticised the Kenya Defence Forces over the January 5 attack at Camp Simba in Manda Bay. According to the New York Times, Kenyan soldiers hid in the grass...
  8. Rubeni

    The Southern Bypass shooting last month

    So Its true the guys were criminals Mystery of man’s shooting and his quick cremation John Mwangi, a businessman, spent the day on September 28 with his family at their Kitengela home. He left at about 7pm for Kitengela town. He had asked his wife and children to get ready for a trip to...
  9. Rubeni

    Eliud Kipchoge

    A lot of hype and media attention is just piling too much pressure on this guy. He is just attempting a record and knowing marathon, you can get there and after 10 KMs mwili ikatae you pull out. Now even Mpesa has changed their logo in anticipation! Mara he has been picked up by a private jet...
  10. Rubeni

    DSTV gift

    I usually pay for the cheapest package ile Access ya 950 bob a month coz I only use DSTV to watch local news in the evening and Natgeo Wild. I mostly use an android box for movies and TV shows. So last night after news za usiku I flip through DSTV nakuta other channels activated. SS3 was showing...
  11. Rubeni

    Thinking of getting China phone

    Wanakijiji, I have been a Nokia.....then Samsung guy all along. Currently using S7 that I got in Jan 2016. No complaints besides the cracked screen protector thanks to my kids. Up to now, I had never given China phones a second thought though I see them increasing in number around me. Sasa naona...
  12. Rubeni

    Cost of shipping tractor from South Africa

    Hi guys, tractors don't have age limits and one can import even a 30 year old tractor to Kenya (someone please confirm). Anyone knows how much this can cost to ship one from South Africa plus the estimate of the port charges in Mombasa? Will greatly appreciate.
  13. Rubeni

    How F***ed up was Jonathan Moi's family?

    Ati these slippers wearing guys are Jonathan Moi's kids? Studying at Rift Valley Institute in Eldoret???? Something doesn't add up. By FRANCIS MUREITHI More by this Author When their father was alive, he was involved in their lives. He paid for their education, initiation and upkeep. Now in...
  14. Rubeni

    Uneasy relationship with my old man

    I really don't know which forum to post this. I have a very "plastic" relationship with my dad. The short of it is that dude wasn't there for us when we were growing up. He is poligamous and my mum is the first wife. He worked in Nairobi all his life and stayed there with the second wife and her...
  15. Rubeni

    Looking for a weekend getaway

    Fellow talkers, I am looking for a ka quiet resort of sorts nipeleke mama watoto kesho afte for a night till Sunday. Shouldn't be more than 100kms from ground zero (GPO 00100). Have thought of Olepolos but online reviews about service are discouraging. The Smith hotel Rongai inakaaje? I don't...
  16. Rubeni

    Ati RAO drove off with UK in Kisumu?

    Happened last Saturday when Gatheca was winding up Kisumu trip. At the airport, chopper is on, dignitaries lined up greeting him before he boards RAO among those lined up. UK reaches, RAO, guy whispers something in the president’s ear and the president follows him to his car and they drive off...
  17. Rubeni

    Yaani hakuna thread ya Man U?

    Anyway tumekamua Brighton 2-1 tuko number 5 sasa. Acha tuone Arsenal- Chelsea
  18. Rubeni

    Android Box Question

    Hi Ktalkers, I have been using Android box for about 3 years now and have no regret. Watching the Man U game right now. My question is, why isn’t the picture quality as good as say DSTV? Is especially on Mobdro channels like Nat Geo wild etc. I use MXQ Pro
  19. Rubeni


    Hii kunguru nimei invite for a date. Imekuja na beshtee yake, wakaitisha Hennessy chupa mzima. Nimeachwa na bill ya 7k na hata sijakamua. Nkt I feel used.
  20. Rubeni

    Another one from the dust bin. Makosa Imefanyika

    I need the Kiuk translation please.