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  1. SonOfTheSoil

    Explicit Tamu Kama Mushroom

    am getting to old for this shit
  2. SonOfTheSoil

    I am a fcker

    ati If u can't insult can't be on that platforms. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  3. SonOfTheSoil

    Homelessness and Human Feces Epidemic in the Streets of San Francisco

    These are western propaganda documentaries
  4. SonOfTheSoil

    Homelessness and Human Feces Epidemic in the Streets of San Francisco

    and they still call China a 3rd world country
  5. SonOfTheSoil


    Bro you have been Duped
  6. SonOfTheSoil

    Intolerance To a Different Point Of View

    you should have learnt by now , they prefer "DFHKMBHBL" topics for serious topics peleka ile forum ya ma-intellectuals
  7. SonOfTheSoil

    The Hunt

  8. SonOfTheSoil

    Moon landing 50th anniversary as it actually happened

    o_Oo_O :confused::confused::confused:
  9. SonOfTheSoil

    Google algorithms programming users minds

    power hungry corporations trying to enslave the world through AI
  10. SonOfTheSoil

    This is how Google is spying on everything you do

    why don't you put up all your certificates , Id's ,Passports, personal documents, email messages love letters on the web for all to see freely ?
  11. SonOfTheSoil

    Lil Friday Humour

    looks like your still trying to uncover and pass on the "deep state agenda" in a humorous manner
  12. SonOfTheSoil

    The economy is almost dead - Jubilee Chieth is finally catching up with us

    inakaa hi kijiji ina wafanya biashara wengi sana kutoka pale Nyamakema
  13. SonOfTheSoil

    Jewish supremacist

    the content has already been censored by YouTube
  14. SonOfTheSoil

    He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

    Just wondering , what does this video have to do with the demise of the $
  15. SonOfTheSoil

    "mighty men of old, men of renown".

    Quite an interesting read , but my question is where did those Sumerian tablets came from ?
  16. SonOfTheSoil

    Harambee stars scared of Ethiopian flight

    It would make more sense if they were scared of Boeing and not the airline probably should insist they be booked in an airline that operates Airbus
  17. SonOfTheSoil

    Removing jubilee from power

    so who will lead the revolution ?
  18. SonOfTheSoil

    Muru wa Gathiare - The next president of Kenya

    Just thinking who else if not Mr. Moi? definable will not be Dr. Loot-all ( he had the best chance but blew it) Barber - ( Kenyans don't trust him) Ka-loozer - (He doesn't have the pedigree) Wetangula - (same as above) MaDVD -( would probably make a good president but the odds are against...
  19. SonOfTheSoil

    Mightiest of the mightiest prophet DR. David Owour predicted earthquake.

    hiyo evidence tafasari aki predict hio earthquake huku nakuru