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  1. memyself

    Black Labrador retriever 11 months for sale

    Awesome with kids and family. Not a mongrel but not registered either. Fully vaccinated kshs 25k ono. priced to go to a good family, not bachelor:D . Inbox for direction.
  2. memyself

    Good black paint job

    Too many small cratches that buffing cant do. Also rims respraying Need to repaint Any leads within westi?
  3. memyself

    How can I convince myself to go to church

    I do need to accompany wife and kids but i cant seem to get the psych. Year in year out. I have a problem reconciling myself with teachings that are foreign as well as hypocritical beleivers, preachers and pastors. I want to go just to fit withing a community not necessarily for spiritual...
  4. memyself

    TV wall mount

    I am in need of a good TV wall mount like on this picture that comes with an extension for internet router or dstv decoder. The ones i am able to find e.g. at tuskys are short [too low] and fakish/poor quality. Wadau naweza pata wapi? Option for a 1.5meter self standing is welcome
  5. memyself

    Spreading my wings

    No hekaya. It's time to get a lass. I prefer one with girl child since i have an already established shed. Be oldest 28yrs. I will give you my time of course divided. Cash if you want too. I need one who can make me who has sense of humour. I do. I enjoy Rao being given sweeps right...
  6. memyself

    How do you manage?

    Talkers i need some insight I am a slow riser when it comes to morning and usually wake about 7.30-8am. Mostly i feel tired but once i take a shower I am back to 100%. How do you guys manage to wake up at 5am? I need hints on how i can manage to sleep at 11pm-12pm and wake 6am without hustle...
  7. memyself


    I have been procrastinating about this I live in 237 and drive to job every weekday to Ngara between 8am-8.30am. I am all alone in the car listening to BBC and sometimes some capital fm. I believe there could be someone here who commutes by matatu around same time and wouldn't mind to share...
  8. memyself

    Moto X pure edition screen replacement

    I have a Motorola Moto X pure edition. Bought from States last month and it fell last week and got a broken screen. Someone let me know if they can replace for me the screen or a shop i can visit to have it done. Alternatively i can sell it the way it is.
  9. memyself

    SIM toolkit

    I have an LG G4 that i have been using out of the country and when i came in 254 last week i got a safcom line. Now SIM toolkit doesn't show on home page. It's on list of Apps but shows 0.00mb so no data and thus cannot open I want to use Mpesa will flashing the phone help or what else can i...