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  1. martin

    engine swap nissan to toyota

    First, find a mechanic conversant with engine swapping. He should be able to advise you on the best engine to get on inspecting the engine bay of the Nissan. I bet a 4A,4E,5A or 5E will fit with a little modification.
  2. martin

    Airbus A380, will it go the Concorde way?

    Na 777x iko jikoni inakuja soon
  3. martin

    Indecently dressed momo stripped...

    ja kipash na uweke picha yake after kumvalisha nguo tuone.
  4. martin


    Spartacus was and is one of the best series I have watched.There was a scene in season two where they showed what happened to the bodies of those killed in the arena in the dungeons below the the arena....wuueh ngori af.
  5. martin

    Liteace vs Mazda bongo, vanette & delica

    ok thanks
  6. martin

    Liteace vs Mazda bongo, vanette & delica

  7. martin

    Liteace vs Mazda bongo, vanette & delica

    Naweza pata wapi engine ya hio vanette na hio bei.I have one that has been sitting idle for sometime now with a blown engine.
  8. martin

    Nissan sunny n16

    Uliza @introvert.
  9. martin

    Your Best Novel

    The windchime legacy by A.W Mykel and Ludlum novels.
  10. martin

    Updating Xiaomi...

    Just update your phone.Yangu nime update more than five times and the phone has never misbehaved in any way.
  11. martin


    Wakubwa nani hapa anauza toner za brother tuongee inbox?
  12. martin

    SGR vs Air Cargo.

    kwani huko jkia hutaenda na truck to pick your goods?
  13. martin

    Asali kwa guiness

    Only in ktalk will you ran into such gems.
  14. martin

    Nissan B12 v/s Peugeot 405

    swap guru... What upgrade would a b12 smile from ear to ear?
  15. martin

    Washika dau nisaidieni kwa mawaidha!

    I think this paragraph sums up all your problems and @KaBuda was right about your wife.Your problems began long before you married but you ignored them, and now you are paying for making that mistake.Bottom line...that woman has zero respect for you.
  16. martin

    Engine ya Toyota ae80

    Is there a swap that you haven't tried man?Na ile 1uz-v8 ulituwekea hapa iliendaje?
  17. martin


    You guys should check out the kawasaki vulcan 2000,and yes that beast is burning rubber on kenyan roads.The rumble from the exhaust is something out of this world.
  18. martin

    Motorbike service

    @introvert do you by any chance know this guy who owns a kawasaki vulcan 2000?Yesterday I came face to face with the monster and to say I was blown away is an understatement. Jamaa alikua amekuja raundi mwenda Naks .He says he is the only one who has it in .ke and it cost him over 2 million...
  19. martin

    Truck drivers

    Back in 2015, I saw such a scene on that hill from Shinners boys towards Nakuru. The guy on the outside seemed to be really mad with the driver.He had a rungu that he used to smash the windscreen of the scania,but the driver didn't stop and the truck drove by leaving me and some other guys by...
  20. martin

    I Hate to Admit It..........................

    Matt has starred in 'Man with a plan',another comedy thats also hilarious.Season two dio na download leo.