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    Android box

    What is your price?
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    Airtel Africa Appoints Former Vodacom Tanzania CEO As Its New Regional East Africa Director

    It is key that they keep the kenyan market for their listing. In Africa if your are not present in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, you are not considered to be in business. Their keeping the Kenyan arm and buying Telkom Kenya is for this purpose.
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    DCI and phones Check out that website and see how you can be tracked. GOK has services from the above company
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    Keroche Breweries Wamejam. @Meria Mata kuja kidogo

    Why is KRA not being fingered in this tax evasion scam? Why did they not raise this up in the year 2014 or 2015 or 2016? Why take their time? KRA cannot neglect their public duty to collect the correct tax by pretending that Keroche breweries had implemented a tax evasion scheme. Why do we pay...
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    Hi. Calling on you on how to transfer a reserved name to someone else in the Business...

    Hi. Calling on you on how to transfer a reserved name to someone else in the Business registration service portal
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    How do I register a business name under someone elses's name on E-citizen

    Hello, I have reserved a business name but would like to have it registered under someone elses's name. How do I go about it on E-citizen?
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    Kweli Safaricom watu wanakula

    This guy even had an assigned driver and club membership(two members clubs) paid for by the company. Kweli...
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    Kweli Safaricom watu wanakula

    Isn't one of those guys the head of Mpesa?
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    I'm broke

    The way this Dr. Tuimur Shafted wait and see what will happen.
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    Auto Parts business

    I am looking for advice on where to source for auto parts for re-sale. In the same breath, What would your advice be for one who intends to open a specialty auto parts shop say; auto parts for a specific vehicle make vis a vis all vehicle spare parts shop.
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    NIS hiring process
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    3 Qualified Presidential Candidates With A Brain For 2022

    Just Have Marwa as deputy president to someone like Mukhisa Kituyi and Matiangi to remain the chief CS. Watu watanyoooka na kufuata sheria hii kenya
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    Child Support

    Way to go
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    Maalim Xuma

    Usisahau kuweka hali ya kufanyiza kwa mfano fanyiza, kulisha,
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    While You Were Busy Looting & Buying Helicopters Worth 900M Each

    And Turkana county is planning for a cultural week sometime next month instead of buying food for it's people....Sick people they have in their county government
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    Debit Note

    What you are referring to is a goods returned note issued by a purchase to the seller for goods not accepted by him upon delivery. A debit not corrects an under charge and is issued by a credit seller to a purchaser. A credit note corrects an over charge and is issued by a credit seller to a...
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    Can't rise to the occassion

    What are the side effects of this tadalafil?
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    Can't rise to the occassion

    I am in my mid thirties and married. I have a side chick who we have been seeing each other for 1 1/2 years now. Early this year I started getting suspicious of my side chick and trailed her. I found out that she was seeing this man who works near her place of work. Since that discovery, my...
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    Where can one find information on this years vasectomy programme on the 18th November?
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    Telecommunication Industry

    I work for one of them. Shoot