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    Kunguru Red flags

    What are the biggest red flags you notice to know that she is a big ho! or is on the road to becoming one?
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    Is MORTEIN DOOM a scam?

    So I have cockroaches zinanisumbua apa. Nimetumia Doom but I notice they don't die,Infact they seem to just get drunk alafu they disappear ama I just sweep them away alive.Most of the houses I have visited as long as you have food in the house You'll find one or two cockroaches. How can You get...
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    Kunguru imekataa kutoa mimba

    So my friend here smashed a form 4 leaver Raw alafu akamtumia pesa ya P2 yenye hakukunywa.Two months later he receives a call from the chick claiming that ako na ball yake.The guy has tried as much as possible kumconvince atoe ball since they are both young but the lady won't listen.It's three...
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    Forex trading

    How many guys are investors in forex trading?Naomba mawaidha concerning what I should expect.I am planning to go live with Ksh.100,000.I hope to get 10-20k per day.Is it possible?