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  1. ronga

    Corona will boost Mpesa

    could be they were preparing with an upgrade ndio MBESHA had issues juzi tuu
  2. ronga

    Nurses at mbagathi hospital begin go slow strike over Corona

    Just wait for it :D:D:D
  3. ronga

    Rongai hotbet for the coronavirus! (MoH)

    Na Maasai hajui handkerchief
  4. ronga

    I repeat, never break the rules

    Na huko nyuma ni Party after Party inaimba:D:D:D
  5. ronga


    Kuzoea aunty wa Harrier
  6. ronga

    Its official

    clare...... kwanza fanya camera ya simu hhhaaaa hhhhaaaaa then piga tena
  7. ronga

    Women moto wa kuotewo mbali

  8. ronga

    Nani Amekula hii?

  9. ronga

    Rugby World Cup Final

    NZ are taking this one
  10. ronga take

  11. ronga

    Kwani how big is the universe?

    we are only limited by greed
  12. ronga

    Kwani how big is the universe?

    Rick and Morty
  13. ronga

    just how expensive is pu**y?

  14. ronga

    After rushing huduma number - Wataambia watu nini

    You missed it :D:D:D
  15. ronga

    What does it mean

    Starts with niko na ka emergency
  16. ronga

    What does it mean

    Ukiwa tao utanunua tuu ma lunch :D:D:D