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  1. motokaa

    Yet another Matatu CBD Ban Thread

    Let us not miss this chance to make Nairobi a cycling city. Introduce bike lanes, bicycle parking, bike-sharing programs etc. Perhaps even showering areas around the city for those who cycle to work.
  2. motokaa

    Annoying habits by Kenyan Motorists

    - Not indicating at roundabouts - Swerving to avoid even the smallest of potholes (even the toyota v8 folks) - On the phone while driving and not paying full attention on the road
  3. motokaa

    poultry farming in .ke

    Even motorcycles are cheaper in UG
  4. motokaa

    Bike Rebuilding Projects

    This guy posts entertaining and informative videos of his projects. Inspired to get into this as a hobby, once I gather the additional tools I need. @introvert wewe pia fungua youtube channel
  5. motokaa

    Mitsubishi RVR

    Ahsanteni sana wakubwa, well noted.
  6. motokaa

    Mitsubishi RVR

    1996 Model. Who has any experience with this car? Like reliability, availability of parts/technical expertise, performance and consumption, known problems etc? Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Mitsubishi RVR Sports...
  7. motokaa

    Kawere bus

    Eish, si ufanye sketch of how it happened angalau tujue how to avoid such scenarios
  8. motokaa

    Githurai Accident.

    Damn.. mimi na hii tabia yangu of not always riding a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, with a view quickly to overtake, itabidi nimekoma
  9. motokaa

    Bitching scream for Help

    I second this, there's nothing like an adventure on two wheels.. Get a bike, tent and a camera, and you can go for long solo rides if you like it that way.
  10. motokaa

    Passed Out Driver Pranked to have been in a 10 year Comma

    Stay Safe, do not drink and drive
  11. motokaa

    Nduthi gang..

    This may be a dirtbike that is not street legal
  12. motokaa

    Nduthi gang..

    That's not kenya lakini.. just conveying the mood
  13. motokaa

    Nduthi gang..

    Hii mvua inawapelekaje? Mimi naona nikihitaji a second set of rain gear Ride safe
  14. motokaa

    Installed this today...

    Nili-import from Amazon. Though later nilipata a few guys who sell them locally on facebook.
  15. motokaa

    Installed this today...

    A performance air filter on a small bike. Don't know whether it will have any effect, but it's fun to experiment Responsiveness seems to have improved, in the lower revs - but some perceived loss of power in the higher revs I suspect it is running too lean in the higher revs, might need some...