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  1. Dunya

    LC Waikiki shop

    Not before i throw you to the wolves
  2. Dunya

    LC Waikiki shop

    But truly @M2Random you must be those people who keep to themselves and live lonely lives as they dont get along with people. You always risk two slaps and a sweep as you have ZERO people skills like miguna. That's why you are all over anonymous internet sites like ktalk where you can brag...
  3. Dunya

    LC Waikiki shop

    Life is not all about returns young boy. When you learn that kuja nikusomeshe the next level
  4. Dunya

    Ladies please just leave toxic relationshits

    How comes these ladies you address dont even bother replying to your threads yet you keep posting like a mad woman?
  5. Dunya

    Encounter with the demon Babu owino

    Kuelewa kwako duni sana
  6. Dunya

    Mutahi Ngunyi is Aging Poorly

    Truth of the matter is you should now call yourself old sponsor. Umezeeka and not very well judging by this thread
  7. Dunya

    Explicit Stress za relationship advice needed

    Basically she wants to buy a big black strap on dildo and give you a good one in the ass'
  8. Dunya

    Ben Kitili woes and how to avoid such pitfalls

    Stay with your ugly wife achana na sisi
  9. Dunya

    Why Tesla Prices will not drop anytime soon.

    So says a nobody
  10. Dunya

    Betty Kyalo

    Na si wanaume mna wivu
  11. Dunya

    Toyota Lexus 2020 vs Toyota Landcruiser 2020 - Which is the better one?

    Ukweli ni kwamba sisi kama ma birrionare wa ktalk hizi gari tunazionea kwa mtandao kama wewe tu so tutakuwa tunakuambia tu yale tumesoma mtandaoni. Unafikiri mtu ananunua gari kama hii ya 2020 ako hapa aki idle ktalk. Labda dereva wa bwenyenye
  12. Dunya


    Malaya watamalisa hii vijana yetu
  13. Dunya

    Trump in Bad shape in Battleground states- Headed for Defeat

    Thats what you and cnn told us in 2016. Why should we take you seriously?
  14. Dunya

    800k capital business

    Learn to read things in context not just literary. Of course there is ice cream in iceland, but given the temperature what do you think is the average consumption per person, do you expect an ice cream palor at every corner compared say to carlifonia?
  15. Dunya

    800k capital business

    You cannot ask about a business, maybe investment options like funds, shares, bonds etc. Starting a business has a whole lot of variables starting with owner interests, location that determines the product/service (e.g. you cannot sell ice cream in iceland or buy a tractor to farm in the deserts...
  16. Dunya

    The Peoples President come 2022: Kivutha Kibwana

    Tuchague huyu mtu tuache upuzi bana
  17. Dunya

    Mtu wetu riots in Sirisia

    Those are bonobo's with iq's lower than dogs
  18. Dunya

    Beer drinking

    Acha watu watumie pesa yao watakavyo. Mbinguni hakuna pesa
  19. Dunya

    When is Tesla hitting the Kenyan Market?

    I didnt realize there are so many fully electric vehicles under production especially in china and even more under development. Truly the internal combustion engine is on its way out as a mainstream power plant. Soon africa will be a dumping ground as usual for fossil fuel vehicles as the...