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    EPL Games

    How do i stream the games bana. Apps ama websites links will be appreciated.
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    Demathew?Muigai Njoroge? Makibi Jamesa

    I heard that Muigai was Mungich, ndio maana anajua kikuyu hivo, Hawa wengine waliisomea wapi. Thimo hizo zote.
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    IS moving out overrated? (Kujikalisha as a man)

    How old were you when you moved out of your mamas kitchen? Why do Kenyans kick their young boys at a young age without helping the kick start their lives?
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    Aplha male lessons
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    Techies in printing

    Which software do you use for vinyl cutters for t-shirt printing?
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    Prima age girls, hahahahaha

    Uzee waja
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    COVID-19 free time.

    I have realized most of the villagers here are usually free, i.e after the few masturbation hours. I want to recommend this book, Nairobi Noir. Its a short story that you'll all like. The book have a good rating of ~4/5. I'm on the fourth story and all i can say is WOW.
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    Male marriage age(Minimum/Maximum recommendation)

    Married male people of Kenyatalk, at what age did you get married, how did it go? I was in a village high school( ndera hike), I was the only person who joined the college in my year, after graduating and spending time in the village, I realized most of my classmates are married with...
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    how to dismantle a computer 18+

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    Who is your 'let me check' comedian on youtube

    Conan O'Brien, that nigga is funny as hell.
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    Explicit Macho swafi

    Jump to 5:20 Thanks to YouTubing AI, any other recommendations would be appreciated
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    Cyber Crime thread

    Now that I cannot reply on this thread Kenya has top cyber hackers. The Kenyan govt have nothing to be hacked...
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    Was it all planed?

    They fund and campaign for Mike Kioko Sonko. His deputy quits. reason ?? The Nairobi C.A impeaches their speaker. Sonko mishandles the city, the national government says nothing. BBI campaigns start, One of the Key Pillars of BBI is removing Nairobi County from County Governments & making it an...
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    Law and governance is shitty thing

    What are some of the shiety laws by government that you believe are just shiety. For example if an 18yr old male is caught(by law) having sex with a 17 year old girl might land him into jail for more than 10 years, lakini it ok for a 50 year male to hit a 18 year old girl.
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    What is that thing you own that is very important to you

    I am watching some youtube videos and it seems like what the Blacks value most is shoes. The black rappers. Ama mwanaume ni kiatu
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    Do you regret going to collage/uni and/or not getting a chance to get to college/uni?

    Do you feel like going to college wasted your 4+ years of your life? Those who didn't get a chance to get to do at least a diploma, do you feel like the college would be your key to success or something..?
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    Ayrosh - Commoni

    Why don't they play this kinda songs on radio. Ama hazinanga sales
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    Do you view dead bodies? Why?

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    NSE shares

    I am planning on buying shares. How do I go about it, can I buy direct from NSE, if so, how do I buy(online link?) Do I have to use brokers? Who is the best? TIA
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    What are you praising Moi for?

    Killing peoples in General elections, alafu family yake itawezana na siasa kweli?