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  1. Jolie

    18+ Anyone?

    Buy me this dress please.please
  2. Jolie

    Men with big buttocks

    How can I reduce my husband's buttocks? Any remedy, They are growing everyday and when he walks his buttocks are shaking:mad:
  3. Jolie

    Yes yes yes

    Yes again
  4. Jolie

    Toxic masculinity

  5. Jolie

    18+ Married men

  6. Jolie


  7. Jolie


    Every man has a voice but money is the volume..
  8. Jolie

    Yes yes

  9. Jolie

    I love you

    How do I respond to “I love you” from someone i don't love?
  10. Jolie

    Village sisters

    Its misogynistic to call us ktalk ladies "Village Elders " I propose from now henceforth nipewe tiltle "village sister" @admin
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  12. Jolie

    Sooo cute

  13. Jolie

    Lesbian contact

    Nimechoka na wanaume aki..someone give me a lesbian contact i have quality time with
  14. Jolie

    Am tired

    Ktalk is becoming more and more antiwoman,woman shaming website..time for this site to flagged by authorities Misogyny is the order of the day here. Hatred and prejudice against women or girls carry 50% of the threads here.time to quit ktalk permanently Cc @Chloe @Mrs Shosho @Mrs4thletter
  15. Jolie

    Aki wanaume wengine

    Leo Nilisema sitaki food nikiwa ka date lakini huyu hakunibembeleza.Smh! What happened to 'kula kidogo tu?'na vile nilikuwa na njaa!!
  16. Jolie


    ................. am available Cc @Mrs Shosho
  17. Jolie


    At what age does a lady stop waiting for Mr right and settle with Mr available
  18. Jolie


    .......................... Niko pale
  19. Jolie

    Just in

  20. Jolie

    Nawapa secret