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  1. Nashon

    widows 10 error

    wanakenya talk stima ilipotea, kurundi kurestart my laptop inaleta error ya "your pc ran into a problem ad needs to restart. well restart for you", which is the best way to troubleshoot ama nikuinstall a new widows
  2. Nashon

    arsenal vs chelsea streaming

    site ama app itastream iii game ni gani
  3. Nashon

    data recovery

    my laptop with widows 7 crashed and gives a dumping memory notification before it produces the irritating sound and restarts,, i want to send data from the partition with the widows files but from safe mode it cant detect external hard drive. i dont want to recover data after installing...
  4. Nashon

    living dead

    if a person losses his soul while still alive do you think he may living dead guy? what do you understand by the term soul
  5. Nashon

    logo designing software

    i need a reccomedation of the best graphic logo software creator pals in the market