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    @rexxsimba babu toa hizi vitu substandard hapa..Hii ni thread ya matako prime pekee yake.
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    Nitaacha hii hapa
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    Friday rant

    Kama wewe ni mwanaume and you pay for nudes ama subscribe to those only fans website you are a fucking stupid thirsty beta male and abomination to society. And not forgetting those who pay for hookers
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    Auto show ...The future of cars

    You are wrong my friend ...the number of electric vehicles on the road now it’s high and growing each day...look at the below photos charging station being build all over bado tunasumbuana na BBI nonsense
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    Auto show ...The future of cars

    Leo nikaamua kusafisha macho na magari...nikaona wanaume wanapesa na vubistan tuachane na gari ndogo imekua dumping site. The future is electric
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    Ktalk diaspora

    Naona Tories wamepitisha new immigrantion laws... si health sector itaumia!
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    Ktalk diaspora

    Snitch....unanipeleka game ya Arsenali lini kwanza kabla!
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    Driving experience in German Autobahn No Speed limit

    If you are paying for the whole speedometer then better use the whole speedometer.
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    Parting shot...let’s not ever forget

    I will just leave these two here
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    Admin Njoo hapa

    @admin to continue building this village you encouraged we make suggestions but the ones brought forward by members, kazi yako ni kuzi shelf kama archives.I had a suggestion of a picture contest to run a week with different themes ...uliona napigia mbuzi guitar even after agreeing to it and a...
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    Mssupa wa DJ creme Mweneye alikuwa Kwa sextape na yeye

    Hiyo tape iletwe we do a review and a fresh new look perspective
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    Emery hananga akili

    He makes the sub coz he waste a lot of first halves...Ngombe ya mtu ...Emrey is a midtable coach.Arsenali ilikua inajulikana kucheza tiki taka siku hizi hatuna tofauti na Stoke City
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    Explicit KUBWA KUBWA - Part 1

    Mwenye ali invent filters anafaa kunyongwa
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    It's official, Hillary Clinton to run for president of the USA

    And just like that for the first time I make good use of my ignore button
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    It's official, Hillary Clinton to run for president of the USA

    Kusema ukweli @digi before you post anything umeshawai fikiria kujiita mkutano and analyze what you are saying? Sasa hii news umetoa wapi ama Kazi ni kueneza fake news...kama kijiji we should be above this kind of mediocre.
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    For the past month I have been struggling with insomnia and it’s affecting my day activities. For those that have experienced insomnia how to you handle it?
  17. Mujwahuki

    My take on education insurance policies

    I believe when an insurance company sells you a cover in most cases you don’t need it.It has calculated the probability of the event happening and all the risk associated with it and convulsion is they will make money of you.
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    Gnabry ame rape Spurs now that’s good news after Monday’s shit show from arsenal
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    What Podcasts do you listen to?

    In an era where villagers Kawasaki at every opportunity they get when they are not doing it what podcasts do they listen to?Some podcasts I find them educative while others entertaining...let’s share the podcasts y’all are listening to. Zangu ni: Intelligence square debates ( I have learnt a lot...