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  1. Ingia

    osha mecho. Dont bleach your iris in the process

  2. Ingia

    Specialists, Help this nigga

    I have been stealing the whole sliced bread all for my self from this very young woman. Since last month, I have been suspecting she's paged (hahahaha she thinks p2 is a regular contraceptive to be taken every 5 days or so. huwezi mshow any. ujuaji). Now the other day she got hostile and...
  3. Ingia


    What is more expensive? Roofing tiles? or iron sheets zile decorated na tupattern hivi?? Alafu which of the two is better in functioning?
  4. Ingia

    help- ntsa portal

    How does one access services at ecitizen. The thing just give me 404
  5. Ingia

    I had to

    ...check the internet opinion because someone said to me that he believes the old south african poll and tried to give me some examples. Msicatch lakini.
  6. Ingia

    admin/monk/deorro-Hii ni nini?

    Am getting trolled by this page all time
  7. Ingia


    Ni mimi tu ama? browser zangu zote ata kwa phone zinaload raw HTML only. kwa hii site peke yake. I have tried clearing browsing data lakini wapi
  8. Ingia

    Our place

    Humans should understand their place Get this 1. Evolution is not mean to explain the origin of life, but is meat to explain the current diversity of life and adaptation, as well as why some species/variation survive and flourish while others become extinct. Evolution just says that no species...
  9. Ingia


    I sometimes back said that NYS is similar to brownshirts and is actually an army controlled by proxy. There they are now on TV running people down in the streets. Yet nigga zingine hapa ziko busy zikisupport the whole project.
  10. Ingia

    Hii kenyagen

    Msee wa kenya gen ni wazimu ako nayo? ata thread hauwezi right click. Anafaa anunue script. otherwise, for user, that application is tiresome to operate. Thread uwezi jua ni gani comment ni gani
  11. Ingia

    Fans wa old boxing

    There are reasons this thing isnt for everybody. There is also a reason why there arent many people challenging current holder of top heavyweight belts
  12. Ingia

    Weird people

    There are these people who are evidence of how little we understand in biology There is a guy who can divide PI to 22500 decimal places without calc or any aid but cant remember people anymore than a six year old. another one remembers every fuckin day from the 1980s including the weather...
  13. Ingia


    Si hawa mapresenters we KTN wa asubuhi siku hizi wamekuwa each other's babes.
  14. Ingia

    I have never examined these weird possibilities Ray Stevens: Many, many years ago when I was twenty-three I was married to a widow who was pretty as could be This widow had a grown-up daughter who had hair of red My father fell in...
  15. Ingia

    Gas burner

    What gas burners conserve gas best? Rule out ramtons.
  16. Ingia

    Ati huyo manny ameingiwa mangumi na aprilweather??

    Hiyo hustle yao ni smart lakini.
  17. Ingia

    So Talkers mnatumianga net ya job?

    Ndio sababu weekend, especially sunday kuna low activity compared to monday to friday
  18. Ingia


    @kevinmvita . Ati you gonna name your daughter paul? I hope I will be alive and machine working. we gonna be there. We dont f**k names. Tutamiminika huko like one Talker told me.
  19. Ingia

    First fap

    I did it involuntarily while on bed before falling asleep and only clear transparent fluid came out. The feeling at the end of it was so strange that I told my best friend what I did and what happened. While I was pre puberty, he was already in puberty but couldnt believe there is anything like...
  20. Ingia

    Kungu the pilot

    Ako wapi huyu msee na maringo zake? Diss alikuwa anapewa ilikuwa entertaining sana