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  1. kenyan_mafia

    Hai Internet

    great sir
  2. kenyan_mafia

    Hai Internet

    Thank you just curious bcoz I was called using 0722000000 by a certain woman said was from Safaricom asked for kra pin and ID Copy to start processing.
  3. kenyan_mafia

    Hai Internet

    wazi kamjesh The one for LTE that goes for 3999 per month. I was told it is the only amount I will be required to pay then they will come to do the installation. Are there any additional charges. Which one are you using?
  4. kenyan_mafia

    Good Internet

    Wow this looks good but seems like they cannot be reached at the moment
  5. kenyan_mafia

    Hai Internet

    Is this the same as the one for the 4G+ router .. or what is the procedure for getting it?
  6. kenyan_mafia

    Usiku sacco

    Telkom Router works well with the night bundle
  7. kenyan_mafia

    Good Internet

    Which ISP is the best for remote locations Who has used Hai
  8. kenyan_mafia

    Steam for PES 2018

    Got PES 2018 but its not opening bringing this error of Steam. Any solutions watu wa IT?
  9. kenyan_mafia

    Gym along Jogoo Road

  10. kenyan_mafia

    Mali safi hii...

    Punani milage ?
  11. kenyan_mafia

    HAI Internet VS TELKOM

    Sasa tuseme zote zko poa. Shukran watuuu
  12. kenyan_mafia

    HAI Internet VS TELKOM

    Which should i go for if i need unlimited internet? Your views
  13. kenyan_mafia


    Tutorial link please
  14. kenyan_mafia


    I figured.. though does this NCK Tool do the unlocking thing
  15. kenyan_mafia

    How do I deal with idlers in my shop

    Watauliza uweke yao
  16. kenyan_mafia


    Watu wa IT Who knows how to unlock Faiba mi-fi E5573Cs-933 please?
  17. kenyan_mafia

    Internet advice

    Telkom home plan unlimited 4k/month
  18. kenyan_mafia

    Faiba Mifi vs Telkom Mifi

    Can one unlock faiba huawei mi-fi to work with telkom too? Can one unlock faiba huawei mifi to work with telkom
  19. kenyan_mafia

    Explicit Cupid hoes

    Apo kwa murugu :D