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  1. Lexix

    Buffing along thika rd.

    Vipi guys. I need a good buffing guy along thika road. If you can advice i will appreciate.
  2. Lexix

    looking for a good fundi for furniture upholstery

    any clue as to where i can find a good fundi to do full sofa sets upholstery located along thika road?
  3. Lexix

    Changaa sacco

  4. Lexix


    hi guys, who has experience with this product, does it work?
  5. Lexix

    where can i find original nissan b15 hub bearing

    am looking of original nissan b15 front hub bearings. apparently nissan kenya are taking too long to import. zile za river road nissan inazikula kama njugu karanga, am having to change them monthly.
  6. Lexix

    advice needed please

    guys i need this nissan sunny b15 radio trim. nataka kufunika hii ugly shimo around the radio. anyone who has an idea where i can get one?