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    I don't even know why there's a debate about if the elections were rigged.Can someone explain why the percentage gap was the same from the beginning till the end?..only cooked numbers can have a pattern,and there's no way uhuru could have gotten all those votes in gusiiland and Busia
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    There is this Somali Muslim girl we've been flirting for a while.we've made out a couple of times but ikifika kunipea slices anakua mgumu anasema she'll only lose her virginity when she gets married.sasa juzi amekuja kwangu we've made out and she became really horny.Then she suggested that since...
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    How now?

    You gotta give Uhuruto credit where they deserve.These two guys are scheming cunning they managed to get all those votes from nyamira and kisii remains a mystery even to the residents of these two counties,they are still puzzled..anyway Uhuruto have 58 days to come up with another...